Chef Jamie Oliver Finishes Reading First Book — Catching Fire!

In a recent interview, chef Jamie Oliver revealed that he just finished reading his first book and it happened to be Catching Fire!  Suffering from dyslexia, Oliver admits he gets bored easily while reading, though it appears that Catching Fire didn’t bore him.  Granted it is a sequel, but a lot of people cite it as their favorite in the trilogy, so we think he made a great choice!

Jamie-Oliver_794843c (1)

From Entertainmentwise:

Despite writing nearly 20 cook books, including his popular 15 Minute Meals, he had never been able to finish reading a book all the way through.

Speaking to The Telegraph he admitted “I’m dyslexic and until recently I’d never got through a book. But I read Catching Fire. I loved disappearing into a story.”

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is the sequel to the sci-fi smash hit Hunger Games. Seeing as the books are part of a trilogy, Jamie might want to try the third instalment (sic) Mockingjay next.


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