Bruno Gunn on Being Part of the Hunger Games Franchise

Our Brutus, Bruno Gunn, recently sat down with where he talks about what it’s like working on Catching Fire. 



“I have journeyed a long time and this by far is the biggest thing I’ve worked on,” he said. “I’ve had a load of TV credits and some strong film credits. But this is a whole different animal. You’re involved in a massive franchise. … (True Blood and Sons) have amazing fan bases, and large fan bases. But (with Hunger Games) I have people reaching out to me from all over the world — India, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Japan. It’s amazing.”

And that sense of doing something important was evident when the movie was made a year ago, he said. “Everyone there knew how special this whole thing is. We all knew how lucky we were. Everybody was focused. Everyone was a pro. They brought their A game.”

Visit for the complete story, and if you’re in Canton, OH this Saturday you can see him host the Pathway Caring for Children’s 40th Anniversary event!

Thanks to HG Girl on Fire for the tip!


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