Francis Lawrence and Jena Malone Talk Catching Fire with Sci Fi Magazine

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire made the cover of December’s issue of Sci Fi Magazine, and thanks to Quarter Quell we have a few excerpts from the issue!

sci fir


Francis Lawrence on Mockingjay being made into two films:

“I think they are two distinct stories. I think the objectives are very distinct. One is about getting Peeta back and one is about revenge, which is why I think they easily separate out. It allows us to explore what we need to explore within each of those stories instead of jamming them both into one.”

And here’s what Jena Malone had to say about Johanna’s relationship with Finnick:

I think the relationship between Finnick and Johanna is so important that any little moment we have together we went for it because they are sole survivors. They’ve grown up together and I think they’ve bonded because of that. I think it’s one of the last beautiful relationships in Johanna’s life where it’s someone she can actually rely on.

For more quotes, visit Quarter Quell!


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