Bruno Gunn on His Role in Catching Fire and the Hunger Games Fandom

In a recent interview with, Bruno Gunn said some pretty nice things about us tributes!  He also talked about his role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, social media, and more!


Tell us about your character Brutus. What did you do to prepare to get in the head space to play him?

As a former Victor in one of the richest districts (Two) in Panem, Brutus was afforded a privileged lifestyle.  He’s a fierce warrior who was groomed for the Arena.  I immediately related to Brutus’ fiery competitive nature.  It was also important for me to create a personal back story for him and let that influence what was otherwise a very physical role.

Did you read any of the books before your audition? Do you think the movie will satisfy fans of the book?

Before I auditioned for the role? No.  I only knew it was a phenomenon.  I got the news I was cast as Brutus in between connecting flights to Italy. Nine hours on a plane with this life-changing news and I couldn’t share it with anyone.  Let’s just say I threw myself a small celebration on the plane.  I picked them up immediately and they were the best books I ever read.  I was immediately immersed in the world.  The fans will be very happy.

Obviously you are no stranger to the big screen, but how are you dealing with the fandom of Hunger Games? It is quite a phenomenon. How do you anticipate the release of the movie will impact you personally? Have you given any thought on how best to handle it?

They are well-read, intelligent and creative fans who have a passion for reading.  They love Suzanne Collins and pore over every line of her story.   It’s been a completely positive experience.  It’s great hearing people tell me that they’re discovering some of my earlier work and am excited for them to see future projects.

Thanks for the compliment, Bruno! For the complete story visit

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