A Conversation With Peeta and Peeta

I had a chance to spend some virtual time with two of our favorite Peetas in the Twitterverse, @PeetaPN12 and @PeetaTheBaker, to get their side of what it was really like during the 74th Hunger Games, including insights into life with mom and what they thought of Josh and Jennifer’s portrayal of him and his love in the film adaptation.  Here is the full interview.

TheFandom: It’s an honor to have both of you here. 

PeetaPN12: Great. I’m honored to be able to be here with @PeetaTheBaker!

TheFandom: When you heard your name being called in the reaping, what were your first thoughts?

PeetaPN12: I had no thoughts at first. I was sure it must have been a mistake. But because I knew who had just volunteered my mind went back to the time I tossed her the bread. And all I could think was I knew I was dead. I had saved her once, and I knew I would have to try and do it again. And also that I wish I had wore socks.
PeetaTheBaker: Honestly, it felt as if the bottom of my stomach had dropped out. It wasn’t so much thought, but feeling. And I felt scared.  As anyone would in that situation. Though, it wasn’t just fear for myself at that point.
TheFandom: Understandable, both of you
PeetaTheBaker: And I do agree with the socks bit.

TheFandom: What’s wrong with your mother?

PeetaTheBaker: My dad actually explained this to me a while ago.  She’s just bitter.  She never got the life she wanted.  Of course, it doesn’t forgive her actions, but it makes her a little bit more understandable.
PeetaPN12: I guess you could sum it up by saying that the one she truly loved never loved her back.   It could have happened to me as well.
TheFandom: Very true
PeetaPN12: And our family has a shortage of socks.
TheFandom: It’s good to know you understand your mother at least.
PeetaTheBaker: (to PeetaPN12)  What are you talking about?  This is District 12. There’s a shortage of everything.

TheFandom: Aside from your dad and mom, who else visited you in the Justice building after you were reaped? What did they say?

PeetaPN12: That was it. My brothers didn’t even see me off.  I guess after what Katniss did for her sibling, you can’t really look your little brother in the eye.
PeetaTheBaker: Delly actually.  She is after all, a good friend. But mostly it was just reassurance that I could do well, that I was strong.  The normal things Delly says.
TheFandom: I think Delly has a crush on you, wouldn’t you say?
PeetaTheBaker: Geez, I hope not.  She knows how bad I am for Katniss.  It would be horrible for her.
TheFandom: True

TheFandom: We know what they did to Katniss in the remake center. What did they do to you to get you ready?

PeetaPN12: Well for one they plucked my eyebrows!  OUCH!
PeetaTheBaker: A lot of scrubbing.  They kept talking about how it would take days to get all the flour off and from under my nails.  I swear, I was scrubbed raw.
PeetaPN12: Yeah, my hands were in pretty bad shape from all the work in the bakery.  So a lot of work on those.
PeetaTheBaker: Oh, they were so upset with the amount of burn scars from the oven too.  They were about to pass out when they got a look at them.  That is one thing I will never forget.  Seeing a violet face turn green with fright.

TheFandom: Do you feel neglected when people only talk about Katniss being on fire during the chariot ride?

PeetaTheBaker: Somewhat, but you have to admit, flames are a good look for her.
PeetaPN12: Well… she is hot!  I was just happy we were holding hands so I was good with whatever.
TheFandom: They are a good look on her, yes.  True, true.  It would’ve been better under normal circumstances, though, I’m sure.
PeetaPN12: Oh absolutely. But I’ll take what I can get!

TheFandom: Are there any hobbies you like to do aside from drawing and frosting cakes?

PeetaTheBaker: Well, baking and cooking though I’m pretty sure that falls under the frosting cakes category.
PeetaPN12: I enjoy learning of the histories.  The ones before Panem.
TheFandom: Interesting, what have you learned?
PeetaPN12: I learned that history repeats itself.
TheFandom: Yep yep

TheFandom: How’s the leg? Or lack thereof?

PeetaTheBaker: It’s seen better days.  Though I suppose the good side of it is if I lose this one, I just get a replacement.
PeetaPN12: Well the new one is doing just fine.  But oddly enough the original just came to twitter! @PeetasLostLeg.  I thought that was rather clever of him.
TheFandom: Hmm… I may have to interview him, too. 😉
PeetaPN12: He’s rather funny.
PeetaTheBaker: As he’d say, he’d be ready to jump into anything.
TheFandom: Haha! 

TheFandom: Now, that you’ve seen the movie, was Josh’s portrayal of you satisfactory?

PeetaPN12: Well, I think myself and Josh are very much alike.  I think he portrayed me the best he could.  I think its up to the fans to decide this though.
PeetaTheBaker: I’d give him two thumbs up.  He definitely caught my emotions very well.  Though, like it was said before, fans can decide for themselves if he’s up to grade.

TheFandom: Did Jennifer do justice to your girl?

PeetaPN12: Jennifer was OUTSTANDING.  I cannot stress how incredible she was.
PeetaTheBaker: I certainly think so.  I’d have to say, I am kind of jealous of Josh Hutcherson getting to spend time in a cave with her though.
PeetaPN12: Yeah, definitely could have used more kisses in that scene.

TheFandom: But you had your moments in the cave with Katniss, right?

PeetaPN12: The cave was once in a lifetime.
PeetaTheBaker: Of course.

TheFandom: So, next question. What kind of product did you use to style your hair for the Reaping?

PeetaPN12: Wow.  That is a great question as you can guess we don’t have any great hair products.
PeetaTheBaker: A little known fact about my mother, she loves to buy things.  And so that morning, she insisted that my brothers and I looked our best.  She was the one who styled it.
PeetaPN12: I just took some cooking grease we had for our bread pans and threw it in.
TheFandom: Grease here or there, right, it’s all the same.
PeetaPN12: Exactly.  Haha!

TheFandom: How good was the food at the Capitol?

PeetaTheBaker: Amazing!  It was so rich and flavorful.  It’s a wonder Katniss and I didn’t get sicker.
PeetaPN12: It was like your taste buds had just morphed into Power Rangers.
TheFandom: Power Rangers? Okay.
PeetaPN12: That is what you all called them right?  I learned from my studies of the histories.
TheFandom: Yes, we have them.  I think they’re still around.

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TheFandom: Aside from her singing, what is it about Katniss that you love?

PeetaPN12: I love her passion.
PeetaTheBaker: Her strength. She’s got more strength than a lot of people in District 12.
PeetaPN12: Everything she does, she does with a passion that cannot be disregarded.
TheFandom: I can kinda tell that about her.

TheFandom: What do you remember about your hallucinations when you were stung by the tracker jackers in the arena?

PeetaPN12: I remember a very large loaf of bread telling me that the odds were probably not in my favor.  Almost sounded like Haymitch.
PeetaTheBaker: A lot of fear and wandering around the forest. Though, yes, there were some…interesting things that I saw out there. I swear, there was a tree that turned into my brother and started squawking at me like a bird.
PeetaPN12: Ahhh yes, the brother tree
TheFandom: Wow, doesn’t sound like a whole lotta fun
PeetaTheBaker: Fun and funny afterwards, but at the time, it was just really scary. Especially with the thought that I could have wandered into who knows what kind of trap.
TheFandom: True

TheFandom: On a scale of 1-10, how was Katniss’ kiss?

PeetaPN12: 11. It was something I had wanted for so long, so it adds a little bit to the scale!
PeetaTheBaker: I have to agree. You can’t put it on a scale of just one to ten, because it’ll blow past it every time.
TheFandom: Understandable.

TheFandom:  Uhh… how smelly are Haymitch’s feet?

PeetaPN12: WOW!  That is another thing you could never scale. They were awful.  Which brings us back to the sock shortage in district 12…
PeetaTheBaker: You don’t even want to know. Probably one of the worst smells I’ve ever seen.  Or smelled for that matter.
TheFandom: I’ll take your word on that!

TheFandom:  Now that your District gets monthly parcels, has your mother’s attitude toward you improved much?

PeetaPN12: Not since I told her she couldn’t move in with me!
PeetaTheBaker: Well, she is happy about getting more, that’s for sure. Me on the other hand…well, I’m not so sure. It’s still to be determined.

TheFandom: How do you feel about fans who are Team Gale?

PeetaPN12: They are certainly entitled to their opinions. I have no problem with that. Most probably just understand that they would want Gale over myself, but there is no debating in the end for Katniss.
PeetaTheBaker: I say, like whoever you want. The guy obviously deserves some affection. He’s talented and provides a lot. I have nothing against him.

TheFandom: If you weren’t a baker, what would you do for a profession?

PeetaPN12: Well other than painting, probably run for mayor.  I think I could help and do some good. I dont mind the speaking
PeetaTheBaker: Hmm, that’s actually an interesting question. I never really thought about it.  But yeah, probably something where I could do some good for other people. More than just making them happy with pies and bread.
TheFandom: Sure, sure.

Okay, there are some questions here that take place after the Games…

[Spoiler Questions (beyond The Hunger Games)]:

TheFandom: Do you still hear from anyone you fought with back in the rebellion days? How are they doing?

PeetaPN12: Johanna will contact us every once in a while. She likes to relive all the stories, though me and Katniss would like to forget.
PeetaTheBaker: Johanna. Her and I actually have this strange friendship since our days in the Capitol. It just carried over into everything afterwards.
TheFandom: PTB, I can see that

TheFandom: What do you say to the people who say you forced Katniss to have children?

PeetaTheBaker: Well, I certainly didn’t. It took years to even bring up the subject, let alone have kids. Things were just different after the rebellion. And I think she came to realize that.
PeetaPN12: Well its really hard to force someone to get prego… it just happened. It was a gift. And we understood that the world we now lived in was safe enough for us to bring children into it.
TheFandom: Nice to know. I know you didn’t either. 🙂

TheFandom: What do you and Katniss do in your spare time?

PeetaPN12: Katniss still hunts. I still bake and paint. We visit Haymitch alot, who has really sobered up. We like to travel to the other districts in our spare time.  Well, I guess aside from writing your book, baking, and hunting
PeetaTheBaker: I was about to say, most of the time, she’s too busy hunting and I’m too busy baking. But there are occasional days when we do out for picnics or just take a walk together. Nothing too fancy. I think all our time spent in the Capitol sort of took the need for fancy out of us.
TheFandom:  Yeah, simple is nice.

[End of Spoiler Questions]

TheFandom:  Chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla?

PeetaTheBaker: Do you even need to ask? Chocolate.  Hands down.
TheFandom: Haha. Cool
PeetaPN12: Chocolate! We can afford it now!

TheFandom: There seem to be a lot of people in the Twitterverse that want to be like you, or BE you. Any thoughts on that?

PeetaTheBaker: I suppose I can’t necessarily stop them from wanting to be like me, even though I wouldn’t necessarily say I made all the right choices. I would hope that people would take the best parts of me and try to live by that, rather than live as me. It’s perfectly fine to want to be like someone, but actually being that person…well, it’s a little different. Just make sure that you’re secure in yourself before you try to be someone else.
PeetaPN12: Well I will say this: Desire to add qualities from others, but make sure you are being you. Things may happen in life that are stressful and painful, but never let that change who you are.  Remember that no matter what everyone else does or what you do, at the end of the day you have to look at yourself in the mirror an be able to live with that person. And above all else… Dont be a piece in their games.
TheFandom: Nice nice!
PeetaPN12: Happy Hunger Games!
PeetaTheBaker: And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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6 responses to “A Conversation With Peeta and Peeta

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  2. Interesting questions! I have read interviews before but nothing as ineresting as this. I really am quite impressed! Bravo! And both Peetas have given answers that make you rehink what his feelings really are! Now the one part about ‘how do they feel for the fans that are on team gale’ got me on edge. You should never ask that question because i truly think that Peeta has more fans than what he may think. But it was a well thought out interview.

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