Catching Fire Concept Art

Joanna Bush, film illustrator, has posted some concept art she created for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which includes Peeta’s painting of Rue and Victor’s Village–check them out below!


The Odds Are Never In Our Favor

The Odds


mockingrevolts02 original_725


jabberjays_lowres_725 (1)

Thanks to Panem Propaganda for the tip! For more of Joanna Bush’s film art, click HERE to visit her site.




Fandango Interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Surprise! Here’s another interview with Catching Fire stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson!


The Katniss Chronicles to Return for Their Third Installment Summer 2014

The Katniss Chronicles, you know, the brilliant audio drama based on the Hunger Games Trilogy, will be back next year for the third part of their series this coming June! Check out the official press release below!


LOS ANGELES, CA – November 14, 2013 – The creators of The Katniss Chronicles are proud to announce that they will continue their acclaimed audio drama adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy with the release of Part III (Mockingjay) in June 2014.

“It’s been a tough secret to keep,” explains Executive Producer and Head Writer Tony Caballero, “but we had always intended to complete all three books, hopefully culminating with the release of each of the feature films. (Writer/Executive Producer) Bryant Dillon and I have been trading off writing duties since just before San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, while (Director/Executive Producer) Sam Rhodes has been editing Part II.”

Nominated for 14 Audio Verse AwardsThe Katniss Chronicles is currently approaching the end of its second season adaptation of Catching Fire, with three episodes remaining before their blockbuster season finale. A favorite with Hunger Games fans, The Katniss Chronicles has been a labor of love for the staff, who have used the books as a jumping–off point and enhanced the story with music, audio effects, and a cast of first-time and professional actors on both the East and West Coasts.

Current and past episodes are available for free to listeners through the official website ( and through iTunes.

Catching Fire Fan Art by Rafarinha

Check out this great work by DeviantArt artist Rafarinha titled “High Voltage.”


I really love how there are simply four things in this scene: Katniss, snow, trees, and an extremely daunting–and based on the work’s titled–electrified fence which dwarfs our heroine.  This is definitely not the fence you want to be on the wrong side of!

You find more of Rafarinha’s work HERE

Rank your favorite Hunger Games characters!

Thanks to the incredible people at, we have access to a very cool Hunger Games list! As you can see below, Katniss leads the pack (no surprise), but Haymitch is in second?? We thought for sure that would be Peeta.

Fortunately, it’s a relatively new list, which means you can make an impact. CLICK HERE to vote and change the rankings!

Read Mockingjay with THIS nail polish

There are so many talented, artistic people in this fandom, it’s almost hard to believe. And so many of these talented people express their creativity in such unique ways.

Case in point:, who decorated her nails spectacularly as she read Mockingjay. See here:


Don’t you wish you could do that? What a way to read!

Listen to the First 90 Seconds of Santigold’s “Shooting Arrows at the Sky” From the Catching Fire Soundtrack

Here’s another preview of one of the tracks off The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, this time it’s Santigold’s “Shooting Arrows at the Sky.”