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The Hunger Games are REAL. Support HPA’s vital new initiative!

As many of you well know, the Harry Potter Alliance is an extraordinary non-profit initiative founded by Andrew Slack, dedicated to fighting injustice in the world, a la Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They have since jumped aboard the Hunger Games train, hoping Tributes can show the same passion for charity and altruism that Potterheads have done for years. This video should inspire you:

Their message is very clear: The Hunger Games are real, and they are happening all around us. Go to and to get involved as SOON as you can.

The best thing you can do is spread the word around as much as possible. You may think, just because you’re a fan, that you can’t do anything, but you can ALWAYS do something. Spreading awareness is the best place to start. Let’s do this!

How much does Katniss’s house in Victor’s Village cost?

It’s a fascinating question for those who love hearing property values and such things. Keep in mind, Victor’s Village mansions are NOT for sale, as the only way to live in one is through winning a Hunger Games (a price far too steep for anyone other than a Career, we would think!). Still, what would a house like this go for on an open market?

The folks at did a pretty complex analysis to figure this out. See this graphic which explains the total:


So there you have it! Just a mere $1,837,080. Who’s got that lying around?

Catching Fire ‘Victory Tour’ Stops Announced

Number 6 in the Hunger Games Explorer‘s #TickTock countdown was revealed today and it’s a pretty sweet one, especially if you live near Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, or Minneapolis as these cities will host stops on the Catching Fire Victory Tour! In addition to these tour dates, members of the cast will be interacting with fans on various social media platforms November 6th where six lucky fans will win a chance to participate live in a Google+ hangout!  See complete details below!

catching fire victory tour


To celebrate 6 Weeks until The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lionsgate is proud to announce that the cast will embark on a National ‘Victory Tour’ November 3rd—6th, 2013.  The tour will include stops in Philadelphia, Miami, Minneapolis and Houston. Members ofThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast will participate in special Q&As with fans, signings, and more in support of the worldwide release of the film in theatres on November 22nd.

In addition to these stops, on November 6th fans around the world will be able to interact with talent all day through Google, Yahoo!, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Six lucky fans will be chosen in advance to participate LIVE on air in a Google+ Hangout with the cast Enter HERE for the chance to participate! Also, tweet with #TickTock6 & your questions for the cast and you could see them answered during the Nov. 6th event!

The tour, in partnership with Covergirl, offers giveaways and exclusive access for fans. At each event, fans are encouraged to bring a canned food donation and support of our non-profit partners Feeding America and World Food Programme. By following #IgniteTheFightand visiting, fans can continue to learn more about ways to help end hunger.




Do you plan on attending a stop on the Victory Tour?  If so, let us know!

Coldplay to Receive Hollywood Song Award for “Atlas”

Coldplay’s contribution to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, “Atlas,” was release just last month but is already receiving awards!


From The Hollywood Reporter:

For their hit song “Atlas” on the soundtrack to the film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the multi-platinum and multiple Grammy-winning band Coldplay — composed of Chris MartinGuy Berryman,Will Champion and JonnyBuckland — will receive this year’s Hollywood Song Award at the 17th annual Hollywood Film Awards, the first awards show of the 2013 season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Martin will accept on behalf of the group and perform the song at the gala ceremony on Oct. 21 at the Beverly Hilton.

Congrats guys!

Capitol PN Site Relaunches, Debuts New Movie Clip and Redesigned Capitol ID Cards

TheCapitolPN relaunched today and all citizens were required to identify themselves as part of the Panem Quarterly Census.  What this means is you had to register to get your new Capitol-issues identification card, which I have to say look quite nice! This event is number 7 on the #ticktock countdown on Hunger Games Explorer.

quartly census

While there are a number of cool things to look at on the new site, the coolest is probably the video clip of the Victors training! The exclusive Capitol TV clip shows Johanna, Gloss, Enobaria, Brutus, Finnick, and Katniss practicing at the training center. It’s also worth noting that this is the first clip from the film we’ve seen.  Click the image below for video!

training clip

Don’t forget to get your new ID card!

Yahoo! Movies Argues That the Catching Fire Soundtrack is ‘Way Cooler’ Than the First One

Yahoo! Movies thinks that the soundtrack for Catching Fire has a bigger coolness factor than the first movie’s soundtrack, “Songs From District 12 and Beyond,” and have presented five reasons why they think this is so.


1. It fits with the movie plot better.

“The Hunger Games,” while set in a variety of locations, including the titular games, was really more about Katniss herself (Jennifer Lawrence) and her desire to survive so she could return home. “Catching Fire” takes the plot way outside of the rustic District 12, and focuses on Katniss becoming a national symbol of revolution. So clearing out the folksy sound for something more varied, more cosmopolitan makes sense.

2. Patsavas knows what she’s doing.

Say what you want about the “Twilight” films – they had killer soundtracks, and the woman behind them and other iffy but always musically on point projects is Patsavas. When it comes to pop culture soundtracks, she’s got the Midas touch.

3. There’s a lot of variety among the artists, and that’s a good thing.

The first “Hunger Games” soundtrack mostly stayed within a certain country-inspired genre wheelhouse, but this one’s got everything from atmospheric rockers The National to certified diva Aguilera. And, judging by “Atlas” and the released snippet from Aguilera’s “We Remain,” each artist is free to keep their own style, ensuring an eclectic mix of related tunes.

4. This is new music from some artists who haven’t released anything in a while.

Coldplay hasn’t dropped an album since “Mylo Xyloto” in 2011. Sia and Mikky Ekko (who was featured on Rihanna’s “Stay”) haven’t released any solo material since 2010.

5. It’s mainstream-friendly, but still really, really cool.

The first “Hunger Games” soundtrack only released two singles, and they were both by Taylor Swift. There’s way more star power on this album by household names like Aguilera, Imagine Dragons, and Smith, but there’s plenty of cult not-quite-mainstream talent, like 16-year-old rising star Lorde and experimental icons Antony and the Johnsons, who boost the album’s overall cool cred up to impeachable levels.

Do you agree with this? Since we haven’t heard much from the album yet, it’s impossible to determine which is better — or cooler — but do you think Yahoo! is onto something?  Let us know what you think!

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