Fantastic video from Tennessee: Interview with Francis Lawrence

Hunter Phillips, who was an extra on the first film (he stood two spots behind Peeta during the Reaping scene) has put together a phenomenal video from the special screening in Tennessee on behalf of the Hunger Games Fireside Chat Podcast.

Most notably, go about four minutes in and watch the wonderful interview with Francis Lawrence. What a NICE GUY!

Great job, Hunter!


Amazing Fan-Made Mockingjay Video

Check out this really well done video by Lydia Hope!  It’s a great, and emotional, look at Mockingjay and might just hit you right in the feels!!  Be warned: there are spoilers ahead!

A big thanks to Aeris_4 on twitter for bringing this to our attention!!

The National Reveal They Have Contributed a Song to the Catching Fire Soundtrack

In a recent interview with NME, Ohio-based band, The National, revealed they will be joining Coldplay on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Speaking to NME, the band’s frontman Matt Berninger said that the track was originally titled ‘Dying Is Easy’, but it was deemed “too dark” by the film’s makers so the band were forced to change it to ‘Lean’. “The song almost didn’t make it because it was too dark for The Hunger Games soundtrack, which I thought was sort of funny because It’s about killing kids, I don’t know how a song can be darker than that?” he says. “So we had to change the name of the song; I actually like the name ‘Lean’.”He added: “The song was originally called ‘Dying Is Easy’ and I think that they thought it was a little too dark. But, you know, I get it. It was a really fun project…It was a cool change from how we normally work on things – to write something for something else. It was kind of a pressure release thing and it was fun, we really enjoyed it.”

If you’re not familiar with the band, check out their song “Fireproof” and let us know if you think they’ll be a good fit for the album?

Video: Jennifer Lawrence Vogue Interview

In this newest video from Vogue, Jennifer talks about her fame from The Hunger Games, and how she even has a slightly similar hearing problem as Katniss!

Video: Teens React to the Catching Fire Trailer

Here’s the latest “teens react” episode from The Fine Brothers– this time they take on the Catching Fire teaser trailer! There’s a really great mix of teens in this one from hardcore fans to some who aren’t really fans at all.  As you can imagine, there’s a wide variety of opinions here!



Video: Josh Hutcherson on His Character in Epic

Josh Hutcherson’s upcoming film, Epic, doesn’t hit theaters until May 24th, so what will you do until then?  How about you check out  this character spot for the film, where Josh talks about Nod, his Epic character!


Bad Lip Reading featuring Silver Linings Playbook Clip

So everyone, who doesn’t love a good Bad Lip Reading??  The producers of the Independent Spirit awards recently posted to their YouTube account a hilarious new video featuring a clip of Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook.

The video also features Seven Psychopaths and Moonrise Kingdom amongst others.

Check it out!



What do you guys think? Funny right?!

Thanks to JLdaily on Twitter for the tip!