Brief Summary

Strengths: He wields a powerful mind that’s main instinct, like Katniss’s, is survival. With all his prior experience with the games and brilliance with manipulation, Haymitch is a survivor that is inexcusably funny!
Weakness: Sobriety. He cannot seem to get a grasp on overcoming the horrors of his past.

– Courtesy of cns49

Haymitch is an intelligent man who has been so hardened by his past that he has opted to drown his sorrows in a bottle.  After winning the second Quarter Quell, besting 47 competitors and outsmarting the game makers, the Capitol killed everyone that he loved.  He was left with nothing except the unfortunate task of mentoring the district 12 tributes every year and watching each one of them die.  Since district 12’s industry is mining and the citizens aren’t able to work in the mines until they are 18, the district produces the least prepared and skilled tributes.   Every year Haymitch shows up at the reaping completely drunk and is regarded as a joke, but this is how he deals with meeting the two children he will soon fail in the arena.  It is not until the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games that Haymitch gets a tribute out alive.  We see him evolve as a character once he realizes that there is a very real possibility that Katniss can win the games. With this hope he sobers up enough to get sponsors and is able to get both tributes home.  Even though Haymitch and Katniss have a seemingly volatile relationship, it is mostly because they are so much alike.  They are both survivors who ultimately want to do what is right, but don’t like to have to accept help from anyone.  His ultimate goal is to take down the Capitol and he is motivated and intelligent enough to play a lead role in the whole uprising. He’s a part of the rebellion and plays a role in getting Katniss out of the Quarter Quell arena alive.    After the Capitol is defeated and Haymitch brings Katniss home after her trial he raises geese, drinks and helps Katniss and Peeta create a book to memorialize the fallen and as a sort of therapy.  Haymitch also ends the series much like he began it, still drinking too much. However throughout we see him, Katniss and Peeta almost become a family unit.  They are the only residents of Victor’s Village in District 12 and share the common bond of the last two Hunger Games.

– Courtesy of thgadminjessi

Why We Like Him

He starts out as a lovable drunk, but as the series goes on we begin to see how lonely his life is, and how difficult. When he lets Katniss and Peeta in, we see his love for them. He has a keen survival instinct, much like Katniss, and so he turned out to be a pretty good mentor. After a while, his alcoholism becomes acceptable – what with the hard choices he had to make over the years, choosing only one tribute to survive. When we learn the actual reason for it, well, that just flips his character around. He becomes the person you want to shield from the world, to protect – instead of the mentor who can’t quite control himself. Everything he does is calculated, every choice he makes is one for survival. He is yet another character who has been broken by the Games. – uchihakatniss

His history really interested me the most, which you only get glimpses of. The mystery of him is really compelling. – Burdge-bug

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