Brief Summary

Strengths: The heroine who survives at all costs. The Mockingjay that defies the Capitol and resembles the rebellion. The protector who creates family wherever she goes. The sister that volunteers. The girl on fire.
Weakness: What comes with being one who is willing to at all costs protect the ones she loves? Sacrifice. Which resembles a weakness if one knows how to use it against her. Unfortunately Katniss is too legit to quit and lives happily ever after with the boy with the bread.

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Born into poverty in District 12 and essentially orphaned following the death of her father, Katniss was forced to grow up much faster than other District 12 children.  Becoming the sole provider of her family, her younger sister Prim and an emotionally unavailable mother, 11 year old Katniss learned to be self-reliant and untrusting of others. These circumstances prompted her to build a wall between herself and everyone else, save her sister Prim-the only person she is certain she loves, and her best friend/hunting partner Gale-the only person she trusts.  The unwavering love for her sister is the driving force behind almost all of the decisions Katniss makes, most notably volunteering at the reaping.   She is fiercely independent and cannot deal with owing anything to anyone, which makes her relationship with Peeta Mellark so challenging for her.  Ever since he gave her the burnt bread when her family was starving she has felt indebted to him.  She struggles with the thoughts of having to kill him in the games because of this debt she feels she owe him.  However knowing that she is largely responsible for his survival in the games, by the time they enter the Quarter Quell her desire to keep Peeta alive is no longer based on a debt she feels she needs to repay.  It is not until she is free from this debt that she can begin realizing her true feelings for Peeta.  Even though Katniss is a very strong person, she is still vulnerable.  Once she has won her first games and is able to get out of bed and leave her room, the first thing she does is run to Haymitch and throws herself in his arms, which up to this point has been uncharacteristic for her.  This shows how even through her tough exterior, she is still just a girl, one who went through a very traumatic ordeal.  She is human.  Throughout all of the books Katniss is consistently manipulated by someone, constantly playing the role of a puppet, and rarely realizing it.  She is weaker than she thinks she is and shuts down a number of times, which brings realness to the character.  She ends the series a much weaker person, which is only natural given the trauma she endured.   Katniss’s realistic set of weaknesses make her a much more relatable character.

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Why we like her

I really like Katniss as a character because I think she is very believable. She has skills that are unusual for someone of her age and situation, but I think it makes perfect sense that she can hunt, and forage and trade. I also like the side of her that loves Prim. One of my favourite things about her is how focused she is on survival. I think this is related to the need she feels to keep Prim alive, but it is also something that comes completely from herself. She does whatever she needs to to get by. My favourite side to Katniss is her in Mockingjay. She goes through such change and developement, to me it’s almost like two different people comparing the Katniss at the start to the Katniss at the end. Throughout the series we see her grow and become both stronger, and more vulnerable. Time and time again, we see her break. We also see put herself back together. – uchihakatniss

I really admire her strength. – Burdge-bug