Brief Summary

He is described as being medium height with a stocky build, having ashy blond hair that falls in waves over his forehead and blue eyes. He is the town baker’s son and is talented in baking breads and icing cakes. He harbours a love for Katniss that he has had since a young age, although the two never speak until the Games. He spends his time trying to protect her, all the while Katniss, never knowing his true feelings for her, believes they are an act for the cameras. He is a master manipulator and people can’t help but like him. He can play up to the cameras, and this ability also helps give Katniss more protection. He is eternally good.

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Peeta is a boy from the merchant class in District 12, and even though his family is not as poor as families in the seam, they are by no means well off.  Peeta is a genuinely good person who maintains a great attitude despite his hardships.  His lives with his baker father, and his mother, who is referred to by Katniss a number of times as a witch. We know his relationship with his family is strained, especially with his mother since she sometimes physically scolds him.  His mother even told him she thought Katniss had a shot at winning the games during what could have very well been the last time she would see her son. Peeta’s love for Katniss is one of his defining characteristics.  He has loved her since he first heard her sing when they were five and hasn’t stopped since.  He would lie down and die for Katniss, but he will not allow himself to be made a fool of.  Once he realizes that a lot of what Katniss did in the arena was based more on survival than love, he distanced himself from her and they went months without saying much of anything to each other.  Part of this, of course, was based on feelings of rejection and a broken heart, but also shows that he has some self-respect. He is not weak and will stand up for himself.  This is evident when Peeta demonstrates his anger over Katniss and Haymitch when he realizes they left him out of their plans.  He is also a crafty liar, but only when it is necessary.  He can win over any crowd, has a way with words, and the ability to convince you of anything.  Not only was his timing impeccable, but nobody questioned it.  During both of his interviews he was able to change the course of the games simply with his words. He is inherently good, a trait that eventually overcomes the mind manipulation that was done to him at one point.  He is ultimately able to overcome a lot of what happened to him, and ultimately becomes the one person that Katniss so desperately needed in her life.

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Why We Like Him

To me, Peeta is almost a polar opposite to Katniss. He is kind and gentle, and utterly unprepared for the Hunger Games. Where Katniss is all steel and hardness, Peeta is warm and kind. I think they both need each other. I don’t just like Peeta for how well he goes with Katniss, however. I like him for how fiercely he tries to protect what he loves – one of the few similarities between him and Katniss. Peeta also has a vulnerable side, which was more obvious from the start than Katniss’, and we see it more clearly than anything in Mockingjay. He displays his inner strength when he fights back to return to himself. It really does make me sad to think of it. – uchihakatniss

His kindness and devotion were really beautiful to see in such a grim series- he lit up the books. – Burdge-bug