Meet Stanley Tucci at the Apple Store in London

Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman) will be at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London this coming Tuesday at 5:00 pm. If you want a chance to meet him you’ll need to make a reservation at the UK Apple sitejust log in with your Apple ID.  If you go, let us know!  We’d love to hear about your experience!

caesar hge

Thanks to our  friend Joan for letting us know about this event!


NEW Stills of Katniss, Peeta, Effie, and Caesar from Catching Fire!

More new photos from Catching Fire! This time featuring Katniss, Peeta, Effie, and Caesar! These lovelies surfaced on The Hunger Games Peru Facebook page.






20 New Stills From Catching Fire Available on Hunger Games Explorer

Well this was a nice surprise today! The Hunger Games Explorer site has 20 stills of characters from Catching Fire along with bios of the actors who portray them!  Not only to we get some great shots of Katniss and Peeta, but of many of the other Victors (like a smiling Mags), Caesar, President Snow, and more!

peeta hge

Now that you’ve seen them all, which one(s) do you like best?! It’s hard to choose, isn’t it?


The Capitol Announces The Quarter Quell — Complete with a Caesar Flickerman Gif!!

The Capitol Couture site is getting ready for the Quarter Quell, like much of Panem, and they’re doing it in style!  Behold this lovely gif of everyone’s favorite host, Caesar Flickerman!  Looks like he’s wearing the same thing as in the interview scene still we saw last week.  Maybe we’ll see more of this tomorrow in the trailer. Thoughts?

Caesar Flickerman gif

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on Capitol Couture–you never know what they might share next!

HQ Version Of Katniss & Caesar Flickerman From EW

Here’s a high quality version of Katniss’s interview scene from Catching Fire.  The tributes in the background are much clearer now–how many do you recognize?

ew comic con


New Catching Fire Still: Katniss and Caesar Flickerman

Fans have spotted a new still featuring Katniss in her wedding dress being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman in the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly. Do my eyes deceive me, or are those the other tributes in the background?! It’s hard to tell, but at first glance it seems that Beetee, Mags, and Finnick are there. We’ll post an HQ version once it’s available!



Photo credit: @epnebelle

Capitol Portraits by Grodansnagel

Check out these awesome photo manipulations of the Capitol Portraits!  Deviant Art artist, Grodansnagel, has done some pretty impressive things with these portraits, especially the touch of blood on the roses — how fitting is that?  Make sure you check out her Hunger Games gallery on her page where you’ll find more of her great work!





More portraits await below the cut! Continue reading