A fan’s experience meeting Alexander Ludwig

One of our readers, Sasha, had the chance to meet Alexander Ludwig at the Walmart midnight release party in Miami! Check out her photo below (Sasha is on the right)!

Here’s Sasha’s experience from August 17th:

That night I met Alexander Ludwig (: He came into the store at 11, but I had been waiting in line since 7 P.M. I was the first in line, so I was the first person to meet Alexander Ludwig. I shook hands with him and he signed my DVD. He also recognized me and my friend from the last time he was in Miami, which was the Hunger Games 2012 Mall Tour. In the end he was really sweet and he looks even better in real life.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Sasha!  We’re so happy you had such a great night (and that Alexander recognized you, so cool)!

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‘Hunger Games’ stars to appear at select Walmart midnight release parties

If you live in Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, Santa Clarita or Atlanta you might want to head to Walmart to attend their Hunger Games midnight release party.  These cities will have a special appearance by one of the cast members, see who below!

Parties held at Walmart stores will be themed to the Districts in The Hunger Games and will feature giveaways, movie trivia, and the chance to win exclusive prizes. Select stores will also feature appearances by cast members. Leven Rambin (Glimmer) will appear in Dallas, TX; Alexander Ludwig (Cato) heads to Miami, FL; Willow Shields (Prim) appears in Phoenix, AZ; Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh) will appear in Santa Clarita, CA; and an unknown cast member will appear at a store in Atlanta, GA.

Thanks to The Examiner for this information!  See entire story HERE.

Meet District 2

Here’s a great drawing of the District 2 tributes we meet through out the course of the trilogy.  I love that Lyme is included in this group as I don’t think she gets enough attention, especially in fan art.  And I just love Enobaria and her teeth, she looks so menacing!

Credit for this piece goes out to Deviant Artist hladzo


Video: Hunger Games Target Exclusive

Check out this video from Target’s exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, all about the tributes’ dance parties during filming.  It’s pretty cute, actually!

A ‘Hunger Games’ fan’s guide to SDCC

For all of you Hunger Games fans attending next week’s SDCC, Amy Wilkinson at MTV has compiled an informative guide of when and where all of the Hunger Games related action is going to be!  This includes various panels and  a cast signing on Saturday, July 14th that you probably won’t want to miss!

We don’t need a panel to tell us dystopia is hot, hot, hot right now, but you better believe we’re hungry to attend one anyway. On Thursday, July 12, at 3 p.m. in Room 25ABC, authors Anna North (“America Pacifica”), Neal Shusterman (“Unwind” trilogy), Lissa Price (“Starters”), Paolo Bacigalupi (“The Drowned Cities”), Michael Grant (“BZRK”), Daniel H. Wilson (“Amped”), Gennifer Albin (“Crewel”) and Marie Lu (“Legend”) will sit down to chat about the burgeoning genre.

A few hours later, head to the Blu-ray Producers 2012 panel in Room 5AB, where Cliff Stephenson (the man behind “The Hunger Games” discs) will talk shop alongside producers from many a high-profile project, including “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation-Seasons One and Two.”

There’s no denying the fanciful wardrobe of the Capitol’s citizenry was a visual high point in the series’ first installment. Fashion fiends and neophytes alike will want to flock to the Costume Designers and Illustrators: From Concept to Reality panel on Saturday, July 14, at 5 p.m. in Room 24ABC, where “Hunger Games” costume illustrator Christian Cordella will be one of many talents on hand talking about taking an imaginative vision and bringing it to stunning life onscreen.

And here it is, the pièce de résistance. To celebrate the August 18 DVD/Blu-ray release of “The Hunger Games,” Lionsgate will be hosting a star signing at its booth (#4035) on Saturday, July 14, at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. The lineup includes Alexander Ludwig (Cato), Amandla Stenberg (Rue), Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh), Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove), Jack Quaid (Marvel) and Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen).

Head over to MTV for the complete story and of course all information about the San Diego Comic-Con can be found at their official website.

I’m a new tribute here

It’s The Hunger Games meets Mean Girls once again!  Does this conversation seem likely to you?

Thanks again to the amazing meangirlsofpanem.tumblr.com, you should really check it out!

Alexander Ludwig on the Set of Grown Ups 2

Alexander Ludwig is going from Cato to David Spade’s son in the sequel to 2010’s Grown Ups! He’s described the character as “a tatted badass” and it looks like he wasn’t lying!

Alexander Ludwig Grown Ups 2

That’s Adam Sandler and Shaq in the photo on the right!

Of course, he forgot to mention the wig that gives him that luscious “David Spade hair”, as seen in this fan photo:

Alexander Ludwig Nick Swardson Grown Ups 2

Alexander, Nick Swardson, and a fan

Judging by this photo posted on the Happy Madison twitter, Xander may resent Spade for forcing that hairstyle upon him!

Alexander Ludwig David Spade Grown Ups 2

Or his character has some serious daddy issues!

New set of Hunger Games actions figures from NECA

The Hunger Games craze isn’t over yet!  NECA has announced that they will be releasing a new set of action figures soon, so if you don’t have enough merch yet, you’re in luck!  You can see what these new figures look like below.

So, are you planning on buying these?  Let us know!

Source:  My Hunger Games

There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #23

After a while, they’re all just eyes and without the faces, it’s hard distinguish one from the other in a moment’s glance.

Complaint #23 – The wolf-mutts seen were supposed to have the eyes of the dead tributes.

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – Apparently Gary Ross explained why he decided to forgo that detailing, and I can understand it given the medium.  The pacing of that part was so critical, that to have them slow the momentum down during that point just to have Katniss and Peeta point it out to each other, and then all of a sudden have Cato rush in and start attacking wouldn’t have made sense.  I mean, he was there before they were, right?  Would he wait until they finished observing the details of their face before he interrupted them to kill them?  Because they would have basically had to give them time and us time to thoroughly look at those vicious faces and make the connection.  It works great in a book because books are all about the details, but not so much in a movie.  Yeah, it would have been cool to really see those eyes, or in regards to the concept art, those faces, but I was still impressed with what they looked like.  Read about Ross’ explanation and see the concept pictures by Ian Joyner.

Adam, HG Fireside Chat – This would have been an extremely costly endeavor, and it also might have caused The Hunger Games to lose its PG-13 rating. My guess is that they gave it a shot and thought it looked bad. And really, there’s enough brutality and viciousness in this film without it. It doesn’t really take away from the grandeur of the film, while leaving a little more for fans who have read the book to think about.

Aldrin, Down With The Capitol – I have to admit that I was initially disappointed with the mutts. The bit in the book about using the dead Tribute’s eyes in the mutts was one of the most haunting parts of the book’s finale. However, the more I thought about it, the more I was thankful they left the eyes alone. For the audience that didn’t read the books, there’s no way they would be able to pick up the significance behind the eye color unless it was explained to them. There’s already a running joke on Caesar and Cladius interrupting the Games to describe what Tracker Jackers are. Can you imagine them explaining about the eyes in the heat of the moment? It wouldn’t have worked.

Luly – I was surprised about them leaving  that out at first but now I consider that it wasn’t that bad. If they had included it, there would have been more explanation and time needed for Katniss to realize this, for the audience to realize it and to build the emotions on that situation. The use of the eyes was an element that helped show how cruel and vicious the Capitol was, which in the movie was already reinforced by Snow’s and Seneca’s conversations, by Seneca’s Nightlock scene and by Cato’s epiphany and how he came to understand, as a career tribute, that he was no more than another element in the games. With all those new elements, the idea of how cruel the Capitol is was explained without the need of going overboard with the mutts.

Courtney, WelcomeToDistrict12.com – Even in the hands of the most talented of CGI artists, this could have gone from an intense and terrifying moment to an extremely fake one.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network – I did think there was a shiny green glint in one of the wolves’ eyes. Okay, maybe I’m stretching it too far and I’ll admit that did cross my mind, I don’t think it really mattered in front of the assault.


To see our previous complaints, go to our Rebuttal Page

We will be posting a new complaint and our argument against it each day until all 36 complaints have been posted.  We hope that if you didn’t like the movie for any of the issues we have coming within this next month, you will continue to hear us out and at least take into consideration our reasoning/rebuttal about it. Logical comments are welcome!  All others are invalid.

They’re Not the Enemy

This has been a huge point of contention in Hunger Games circles: Are the Careers evil, and is it wrong to celebrate their deaths? On the one hand, they are out to kill Katniss (and seem to take pleasure in doing so), but at the same time, is it their fault when they’ve been raised and brainwashed to think this way?

In this creative illustration from athousandyearsflyby.tumblr.com, the message seems to be in favor of it not being their fault. By re-creating an image that looks somewhat like the four Careers in training, yet using the actors’ photos instead of their characters, the artist helps us identify more with these District 1 and 2 tributes as real people.

What do you think: Should we blame them or the Capitol, or some combination of the two?