Hunger Games Trilogy Fan Art by ~ooolalina

Check these out!  These digital art creations are the work of DeviantArt artist oolalina.




VandalgyonX’s Pokemon Version of The Hunger Games Trilogy

I have to admit I don’t really know much about Pokemon, but these book covers by Deviant Art artist VandalgyonX look pretty neat!

Pokemon THG

Pokemon CF

Pokemon MJ

Art by VandalgyonX

Hunger Games Fans

One thing I’ve always liked about The Hunger Games series is that it makes you fall in love with the characters, but doesn’t make you want to be those characters. We all love Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Prim, Rue, Cinna, Haymitch… the list goes on. But can anyone say they would like to be them? Nope. I’m fairly confident in saying that no fan of The Hunger Games would like to be thrown into an Arena, left starving in one of the outer districts, or even living the pampered life of an ignorant citizen of The Capitol. We don’t want to be Katniss, because we all know how much she suffered. Same goes for Haymitch and Finnick. We love the characters for their faults and their pain, not their perfection.

Nothing in the world of The Hunger Games is perfect. There is no safe haven. Panem is a country gripped by a Rebellion. We love it, but heck, we don’t want to go there!

Without further ado, here is a little joke, brought to us by alexrashid on deviantart:



Mockingjay wallpapers

The incomparable Fortykoubun‘s has done it again!  She has a plethora of amazing art out there that we love sharing with you, so we thought we’d do some more of that.   Check out these wallpapers which all represent scenes in Mockingjay. Please note they are not spoiler free, so if you haven’t read the book you may want to proceed with caution!

Awesome, right?  You can find all of these on Fortykoubun’s Deviant Art page.


Kakao-Bean’s Mockingjay

We proudly present to you some more Mockingjay inspired fan art, this one by artist Kakao-bean.

Looks like someone is leading a rebellion!

If you like this, you should check out Kakao-Bean’s page on DeviantArt for more of her great work!

Just Gale

Poor Gale, always left out!  This drawing illustrates Gale’s position as a nickname-less character, which is kind of unfair.  I’ll admit he’s not my favorite character, but he definitely is important and does loads of great things during the course of the trilogy.  So why no nickname?  No clue.

What do you think a good nickname for him would be?  We’d love to know what you’d call him, maybe we’ll even be able to do a poll if we get a few responses, so let us know in the comments section below!

Credit for this goes out to Deviant Artist KitkatKutie



Protect The Mockingjay

We have some more amazing fan art for you, this one is definitely worth a look!  As you can see, this manip features Katniss as the Mockingjay, but check out those colors!  I think they make this piece really something special, along with all of those soft lines. This really is gorgeous, isn’t it?

Credit for this goes to the very talented braidsandarrows on DeviantArt!


Don’t give into it

This is probably one of the best loved quotes from Mockingjay, courtesy of Finnick Odair.  I think part of the appeal of this is that there’s a lot of truth to it.    Sometimes it’s just not easy to put yourself back together, and Finnick would know, right?

Credit for this goes to cindella204 on DeviantArt.


Katniss Everdeen, Girl on Fire

We all know Katniss Everdeen becomes known as the Girl on Fire, thanks to a scorching assist from Cinna. Here’s an INCREDIBLE fan artist who took that metaphor to a new level. What a stunning piece of work from!

We decided to show you a large version of it because it blew us away. This is what happens when you play with fire!

Lasting Comfort

What do you think of this?!  Titled Lasting Comfort by artist MaidenOverTheStar on DeviantArt, we get a unique look at Katniss and Peeta’s scars and relationship.  This is pretty awesome if you ask me!

Thanks again to our friend ‘Satsuma’ for leading us to such great fan art!