Videos: District Ads from the Capitol

MovieClips posted these propaganda videos from “The Capitol” which serve to provide a positive look at the industry of each district in Panem. See all twelve below!

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How much does Katniss’s house in Victor’s Village cost?

It’s a fascinating question for those who love hearing property values and such things. Keep in mind, Victor’s Village mansions are NOT for sale, as the only way to live in one is through winning a Hunger Games (a price far too steep for anyone other than a Career, we would think!). Still, what would a house like this go for on an open market?

The folks at did a pretty complex analysis to figure this out. See this graphic which explains the total:


So there you have it! Just a mere $1,837,080. Who’s got that lying around?

Katniss and Peeta by llStarCasterII

Here’s a great digital imagining of Katniss and Peeta!  What do you think?  I just love that background!


Art by IIStarCasterII

‘Catching Fire’: District 12 picture

In the picture, you can see a large cartel with the coal miners and the phrase “Building a better tomorrow”. It looks like for the District 12.

The picture was taken on Pratt-Pullman Yard.

Source: BuffyWhite1029 Via: The Hob

“I’ll see you at midnight” by MariaSunderland

Here’s a beautifully and emotive piece of Katniss and Peeta fan art from MariaSunderland on Deviant Art!  For those of you who have read Catching Fire, you may recognize that this piece is inspired by one of the final scenes in the arena.

Anyone else notice the tracker jacker on Peeta’s finger?  What a brilliant touch and  clever use of foreshadowing!

Art by MariaSunderland

Thank you  to our good friend Satsuma for bringing this to our attention!

First look: Catching Fire’s District 12

Thanks to MissPublicityNY, we have the first look at District 12. We knew that ‘Catching Fire’ wouldn’t be filmed in North Carolina, but it looks very familiar to the District 12 in The Hunger Games film.

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Get the Josh Hutcherson Body!

Peeta toned his biceps and triceps by throwing 100lbs sacks of flour everyday at the bakery. Josh Hutcherson, however, didn’t have that benefit and needed to put on weight to play Peeta. Men’s Fitness spoke to Josh’s trainer, Bobby Strom, and he spilled the beans on what type of training Josh did as well as his diet to achieve Peeta’s physique. Peeta grew up on stale bread and squirrel, but they recommend greek yogurt and chicken burgers. Peeta probably approves, given he had the luxury of tasting Capitol cuisine.

The types of workouts…

Those familiar with The Hunger Games lore know that Peeta’s brute strength comes from a lifetime of lifting bags of flour in his family’s bakery. In reality, though, Hutcherson cut his stocky physique with five hour-long workouts a week—which included one league basketball game and four Strom-led, circuit-style gym sessions.

“I call them mash-ups,” says Strom. “We go from one body part to the next to the next, incorporating four or five exercises per circuit.”

Each session would typically include two fresh mash-ups—combining exercises from different disciplines, like TRX, pliometrics, and BOSU Ball workouts—performed four times, resting only after the entire circuit was complete.

Strom on Josh’s work ethic…

Now Hutcherson did get those results—a fit, proportioned, athletic physique with the core and stabilizer strength needed to film a physically demanding film— but Strom won’t take too much of the credit.

“It’s clear why [Hutcherson] has come along so far at just 19,” says Strom. “He’s really dedicated and focused.”

“Josh puts in 100 percent in his career,” he adds. “And 100 percent at the gym, too.”

Bruno Gunn, who will play District 2 victor Brutus, also trained at the same gym as Josh! And apparently there was some trash talking going on before the Games.

“One of the guys he’s fighting in the movie was also training in the same gym,” says Strom, referring to Bruno Gunn, who is set to play Brutus in Catching Fire. “They had never met, and he walked up and said, ‘Hey Josh, I’m Bruno…and I’m going to be kicking your ass!’”

So what do you think, ladies (and gents)? Are you looking forward to a well-toned Josh and Bruno? Click HERE to read the rest of the article.

5 scenes from ‘Catching Fire’ Next Movie predicts we’ll see being filmed

With filming set to begin very soon for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Next Movie has predicted five scenes we’ll see being filmed.  Check out their list below, but be warned it is full of spoilers!

Beachside Arena Sequences
Many of the arena sequences in the Third Quarter Quell’s Games take place within the cover of the jungle, but there are also a few key moments in or near water. The beginning of the Games, for instance, are totally water-based. Some ocean scenes can be done in-studio, of course, but it’s not nearly as easy to conceal from the public eye a beach-side set (see the boat-line security Summit had to put together for the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” set in Brazil, e.g.). So, there’s a chance we might get to see moments like when Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) are all recovering from the poisonous gas section of the clock-style arena. Or when Johanna (Jena Malone) evacuates Wiress (Amanda Plummer) and Beetee from the blood rain segment. Hawaiians, get your cameras readied just in case you stumble across some action.

Tribute Parade Party
The “Hunger Games” tribute parade was shot in-studio, so the actual scene itself might be kept well under wraps, but that doesn’t mean we won’t catch a castmate or two meandering around the Atlanta area in costume, especially if the various parties and events of the book get any play in the movie. Goodness help us if we just so happen to catch an early glimpse of Finnick in his, well, revealing get-up during that scene! Go ahead and just start staking out that Georgia Dome for us, would ya?

Train Scenes and Visiting the Districts
In the beginning of the story, Katniss and Peeta are still victors, so they are sent to dutifully tour the districts of Panem (all the while dealing with the looming threat of President Snow’s watchful eye). One of the perks of working in Atlanta is that the city already has a modern monorail system in place, so perhaps locals will spot their trusty trains being used for the movie. All aboard!

Public Square Beating
Poor Gale (Liam Hemsworth) has a rough go in “Catching Fire.” After he and Katniss romp around in the woods and snare up a wild turkey, the newly toughened peacekeepers decide to make an example of him and whip him within an inch of his life. Even Katniss takes a lashing across the cheek in order to stop the madness. Not only is the scene an outdoor one (in the District 12 town square), but it’s also heavily populated with frightened onlookers from the Seam, so there’s definitely a chance someone’ll catch a look at that moment as well.

Destroyed District 12
The most common early spottings of “The Hunger Games” in production were of various set constructions — Mellark’s Bakery, for example. At the tail end of “Catching Fire,” Katniss learns that the place she once begrudgingly called home was destroyed while she was out fending off ravenous monkeys and soul-crushing jabberjays. Eagle-eyed as “Hunger Games” fans are, we predict someone may just sleuth out this set of destruction too.

Can you think of any others?  Let us know!

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Official Map of Panem: The Capitol and a few districts’ locations finally revealed!

For those of you who have been playing The Hunger Games Adventures tirelessly in your search of the District Seals, your hard work has paid off!  We now know the location of The Capitol, and Districts 2, 11, and 12, see here!

Even though we only have four locations at the moment, I think we might be able to figure out what some of the other ones are now.  I could be wrong, but does anyone else think District 4 is directly to the left of District 11?  I always figured it was there, and it does have a long coast line, perfect for the fishing industry.  District 12 looks like it’s on the coast as well, which is not how I imagined it, but I guess it makes sense considering there probably wouldn’t be anything to the east of it.

So, what do you think?  Is this what you imagined it would look like?  Let us know!

Source: My Hunger Games

A Closer Look at the Reaping: What the Boys REALLY Thought

In case you missed it while watching the movie, here we have a closer look at what the boys were REALLY thinking! How could we think about anything? Especially after the emotionally charged scene with Katniss volunteering for Prim, some of us were already exhausted from crying [and the movie barely started]! And no, the boys were NOT thinking about getting reaped or their imminent death! Boys will always be boys! Check it out!

A closer look:


All of them are super funny! Although, the last two are just simply hilarious! What do you think? Thanks to stay-together-always!