Hunger Games Super Bowl ecard

The Hunger Games Facebook Page decided to add some fun to America’s greatest sporting event, sprinkling in a little dark humor:


If it was The Hunger Games MOVIE, we’d probably put that right up there with the Super Bowl! However, if it was the actual Hunger Games, I think we can safely say watching football — albeit a violent sport — would be far preferable to watching kids kill each other.


Catching Fire ecard

In light of the recent (and minor) title change for Catching Fire we thought this ecard was fitting.  We know there are some people out there who aren’t happy with the change to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but let us all be grateful that it wasn’t changed to The Hunger Games 2! That would have been awful!


What would you do if Peeta tossed you bread?

Okay, ladies, be honest, what would you do if Peeta tossed you bread?  Would your actions go a little something like this?

We’re certainly not encouraging any behavior, just wondering if you can relate!  It’s hard not to do crazy things for Peeta!

Source: someecards

If Katniss can…

If you need some motivation to work out  here it is!  We guarantee 20 minutes on the treadmill will be far less painful than getting stung by Tracker Jackers.  We promise!

Who gets the girl?

Ha!  This one is pretty funny.  Peeta sure did have the dough, but we all know that is not why Katniss chose him!

Mahogany ecard has made up a few Hunger Games themed ecards of their own (you know they’re everywhere now!).  This one conveys a message Effie would be proud of!

I DO NOT volunteer as tribute

If you were at the reaping is there anyone whose name getting drawn could make you shout “I volunteer as tribute!”?  That’s a tough one, which is why volunteers in the outer districts are so rare, it’s pretty much a death sentence.  If you’re not a career, you don’t volunteer!  I think this ecard sums up how many people would react in that situation.