Fan Art: “Fire is Catching” by lorellashray

Now here’s a stunning piece of work for you to feast your eyes on!  Lorellashray on DeviantArt has created this fierce, and AMAZING, depiction of our girl on fire, Katniss Everdeen, and we love it!


Catching Fire Fan Art by Rafarinha

Check out this great work by DeviantArt artist Rafarinha titled “High Voltage.”


I really love how there are simply four things in this scene: Katniss, snow, trees, and an extremely daunting–and based on the work’s titled–electrified fence which dwarfs our heroine.  This is definitely not the fence you want to be on the wrong side of!

You find more of Rafarinha’s work HERE

Fan Made Catching Fire Movie Poster By TributeDesign

Check out this fantastic Catching Fire movie poster by digital artist extraordinaire, TributeDesign! It’s a nice combination of other images and posters we’ve seen for the film already, with the poignant words from the IMAX poster, “we burn to believe,” included as a tag line.  We love it! 


Read Mockingjay with THIS nail polish

There are so many talented, artistic people in this fandom, it’s almost hard to believe. And so many of these talented people express their creativity in such unique ways.

Case in point:, who decorated her nails spectacularly as she read Mockingjay. See here:


Don’t you wish you could do that? What a way to read!

Poor Gale gets left out

For those who really like Gale — and really, anyone with a heart — doesn’t it seem like Gale really gets the shaft? Well, as passed on from, that extends to nicknames as well. Have a look:


Can’t someone get the poor guy a nickname? He’s lost out bad enough, really.

Nikola Nickart’s Cressida

Nikola Nickart, who is arguably one the fandom’s best artists, has created this edit of Natalie Dormer as Cressida.  Who I must say is looking defiant!   Now that we’re finally getting some Mockingjay casting news, we can only hope Nikola keeps the edits coming as more cast members are announced–we love his work!

nikola nickart cressida

Hunger Games Fan Art by Tribute Design

Feeling the need for some Hunger Games fan art?  If so, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these great pieces by Tribute Design!




Art by ~TributeDesign

Illustrate Your Spark Contest – Illustrate Ch. 1 of Catching Fire!


Lionsgate announced that fans have an opportunity to have their work featured on the official Hunger Games Facebook page!

Design & illustrate the first chapter of ‘Catching Fire’ for the chance to see your work featured on The Hunger Games’ official Facebook page! Incorporate photos from the film & trailer, drawings, and GIFs to create an eye-popping multimedia experience inspired by the words on the page…

The contest ends on June 14, 2013. For full rules and details, visit this page HERE. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Catching Fire Edit by Sainteverdeen

Here’s an interesting Catching Fire themed fan edit by tumblr user sainteverdeen.  I love that it’s black and white, and while the clock face takes center stage, it’s not an arena-based image, like we often see.  In addition, it seems to be inspired by the teaser trailer, which we can’t get enough of!

Catching Fire Edit

Fan Edit — Katniss Everdeen is a Symbol

Check out this fan edit inspired by the Catching Fire teaser trailer!  This is just another example of how powerful the facial expressions we’ve seen in association with the film are.  Could Jennifer Lawrence convey any more emotion in just an expression?

Katniss Everdeen is a Symbol


Edit by eponinnes