Amazing Fan-Made Mockingjay Video

Check out this really well done video by Lydia Hope!  It’s a great, and emotional, look at Mockingjay and might just hit you right in the feels!!  Be warned: there are spoilers ahead!

A big thanks to Aeris_4 on twitter for bringing this to our attention!!


Fan Video: ‘The Hunger Games || The Spark’

Creator: MissKartoffelknolle

What do you think guys, about this fan video?


Amazing fan made Mockingjay trailer

This fan made trailer for Mockingjay just might be the best one I have seen yet.  TheRachelyukiOProdz on You Tube did an absolutely brilliant job with this!

Amazing, right? She actually used Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson’s voices in almost all of the voice overs, which shows just how much time and effort she put in to making this great.

Video: ‘I Survived – Katniss’ Song’

Here’s a great fan made music video written and preformed by Heavenly Embers! You can check out more of their work on their You Tube channel HERE

A song from the perspective of Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games, written by Kara and Steph of the Heavenly Embers!

Source: HG Girl On Fire

Fan made music video for “Eyes Open”

Check out what schmilerzz on You tube made!  It’s a music video for Taylor Swift’s Eyes Open” and it’s actually really good!  It has scenes from the movie, Swift’s concerts and other music videos that all come together to make a cohesive video.

Thank to HG Girl On Fire for tipping us off to this!

“They don’t own me.” – Peeta

Okay, WOW. Our eyes are tearing up a little. Excuse us please, we’ll be right back! In the meantime, please watch this heart-wrenching fan-made video:

Sorry, we just got a little emotional after watching this. It’s so beautifully put together and edited! We kind of got teary-eyed after looking at Rue. And the background score fits perfectly with the video! Thank you sparksfly221 for sharing this video with us! Check out her channel on youtube!

The Hunger Games Rap Battle

This is really A W E S O M E

courtesy of Nick Anderson Music