Sam Claflin on His Transformation into Finnick Odair

The New York Times interviewed our Finnick, Sam Claflin, where he opened up about how playing Finnick has changed his life and the difficulties of wielding a trident!

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Q. What’s it like to portray a character that exists so vividly in the minds of fans?

A. These books are so powerful, and the fan base is so passionate, that obviously every fan had read the books and had an idea in their imagination of what Finnick should look like. I think maybe three people in the entire world thought it should be me.

Why not you?

I certainly don’t have the confidence that he has in his own body. I wasn’t blond, tanned, and I didn’t have a six pack. I’m not one of those guys who goes to the beach and is happy to take my top off. I personally relate to the sensitive and insecure side to him. But there was a huge physical transformation for me — a lot of working out, dieting. And the more I found myself turning into Finnick, the more confident I felt for the first time ever.

How long did it take to get used to sprinting through the jungles of Hawaii holding a three-pronged spear?

There were two different tridents. One was metal, top-heavy and very difficult to maneuver. One was rubber — apart from the actual stick part — and was safer for me and for everyone around me. I was running around really treacherous terrain trying to maneuver my trident through vines. I was kind of lethal.



Rank your favorite Hunger Games characters!

Thanks to the incredible people at, we have access to a very cool Hunger Games list! As you can see below, Katniss leads the pack (no surprise), but Haymitch is in second?? We thought for sure that would be Peeta.

Fortunately, it’s a relatively new list, which means you can make an impact. CLICK HERE to vote and change the rankings!

NEW Finnick Still from Capitol Couture!

Oh, Finnick! You handsome devil! Check out this amazing new still of our beloved District 4 victor, Finnick Odair, courtesy of Capitol Couture. How much more handsome can Finnick be?! Excuse us while we go fangirl


The fisherman knit sweater from District Four.

by Monica Corcoran Harel

Nothing speaks to clan heritage like a fisherman knit sweater. Typically passed down through generations, these rugged pieces date back to islands off the west coast of Ireland. Finnick Odair’s own Aran cardigan—comprised of over 100,000 artful stitches—is a sartorial relic from his father, who fished District 4 back when sea bass and cod were bountiful. Rumor has it the debonair Victor sees his sweater as a talisman representative of his family’s Celtic strength and pride

This looks to be the District 4 reaping scene. Be sure to pack your favorite knit wear before heading out to the sea! I know I can use a knit sweater up here in the north.

Source: Capitol Couture

Us Weekly’s Catching Fire Cover Revealed

Us Weekly’s Catching Fire Collector’s Edition will hit shelves on November 1st and we now know what the cover looks like!  This time we get Katniss flanked by Finnick and Peeta, once again in their arena gear.    It looks like this issue is packed full of some great stuff, including FIVE posters! You can pre-order a copy  Barnes and Noble.

US Weekly Catching Fire Cover


Via: Hunger-Games.Net

VIDEO: Sam Claflin Behind The Shoot ELLE UK

Check out this video from Sam Claflin’s recent photo shoot with ELLE UK in which he talks about Catching Fire, how amazing Jennifer Lawrence is, and more!


Thanks to HG Girl on Fire for the tip!

Mags and Finnick in a Really Heartwarming Still from THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE


This Catching Fire photo still of Mags (Lynn Cohen) and Finnick (Sam Claflin) appeared on Tumblr.  Just makes you want to say “Aww” and then sob uncontrollably, doesn’t it?

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Stills of Gale, Finnick, Peeta, Effie, & Katniss from Vanity Fair’s October Issue

The October 2013 issue of Vanity Fair feature’s a Catching Fire spread, which contains an editorial piece and stills of Gale, Finnick, Peeta, Effie, and Katniss which look to be from the Capitol Portraits shoot.  Keeping with what we’ve seen so far from Catching Fire, all of the facial expressions are so very serious–and rightly so. With the film’s release quickly approaching, I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys featured in magazines!  



katniss vanity fair 2

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