Video: The Hunger Games Vs. The Twilight Saga

Check out this awesome battle between The Hunger Games and Twilight which is pretty fun, not to mention edited in a nearly seamless fashion!



Another Hunger Games/Mulan Parody Video

You might remember we shared a pretty spectacular Hunger Games-meets- Mulan video  with you, well it looks like these two films make a great pair as they meet again!   This video comes to us from Not Literally Productions who have taken Honor To Us All and turned it into a pretty clever Hunger Games parody.  Just watch!

We did what?!

Our friend Satsuma has recommended another piece of fan art for us, and this one is pretty funny!  It does contain spoilers so you may want to avert your eyes if you haven’t read the trilogy!

Art by

Video: The Punger Games

Okay, so this is  silly and really contains nothing we haven’t heard before, but it’s still pretty cute and good for smile.  Worth a watch at least!


Thanks to HG Girl On Fire for the tip!

King Joshfrey

Some more fun for you!  If you are familiar with Game of Thrones you know who King Joffrey is, of course. Well someone was clever enough to put this together!  I’m pretty sure I’d much rather have Joshfrey as my king if I had to choose, wouldn’t you?

Thanks to our friend Jenn, also known as @andweallcollide on twitter , for alerting us to this!


Ridiculously Photogenic Peeta

Prepare yourself for some LOLs!  Who can forget Ridiculously Photogenic Guy (aka RPG) who took tumblr and the meme world by storm earlier this year? Well it looks like he’s got some competition as our very own Peeta Mellark is trying to one up him, and doing a pretty good job I think!

Thanks a million to our friends Welcome to District 12 for sharing this gem with us!

The Slender Games – HISHE

We’ve seen the videos from How It Should Have Ended before, namely their Hunger Games one from earlier this year.  Well they aren’t done yet, here’s one more for you!  We present to you The Slender Games!

Thanks to for the tip!