32 Flavors of Katniss

Immerse yourself in this stunning diamond mural of Katniss moments, assembled artistically by ourkingweasley.tumblr.com:

There are plenty of shots with Katniss wielding the arrow or hunting aggressively, but there are also some quieter moments mixed in. See if you can figure out where all the scenes are from!


Mockingjay Pin is SO 80’s!

This amusing fashion interpretation of the mockingjay pin comes from the snarky meangirlsofpanem.tumblr.com, who we’ve featured before and we’re sure will again many times.

THG Fandom (Us) Gif

I don’t think I need to explain this…

Credit goes to sweethearts-and-sugarcubes!

A Closer Look at the Reaping: What the Boys REALLY Thought

In case you missed it while watching the movie, here we have a closer look at what the boys were REALLY thinking! How could we think about anything? Especially after the emotionally charged scene with Katniss volunteering for Prim, some of us were already exhausted from crying [and the movie barely started]! And no, the boys were NOT thinking about getting reaped or their imminent death! Boys will always be boys! Check it out!

A closer look:


All of them are super funny! Although, the last two are just simply hilarious! What do you think? Thanks to stay-together-always!

Is This You, Too?

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Tumblr Source by OddsAreYours

Keeping Busy – Katniss/Peeta/Haymitch Style

Do you want to keep busy Katniss/Peeta/Haymitch style? You have three options: hunting, baking or drinking. Of course, you can combine all three! We know that Katniss’ main trait is hunting, Peeta’s is baking and Haymitch’s is drinking. They cope with their nightmares by doing what they know best at the end of Mockingjay. So without further ado, heck out this GORGEOUS set of gifs!



We learn to keep busy again. Peeta bakes. I hunt. Haymitch drinks until the liquor runs out, and then raises geese until the next train arrives.

Beautifully done, right? Thanks so much to slaveyourhearts!

If Josh Hutcherson was in the arena

What a great gif!  If the beloved Josh Hutcherson got reaped and competed in the Hunger Games, I think he would win if this is at all true!  Looks like Mr. Hutcherson would have sponsors a plenty, he would want for nothing!  Would he get a parachute from you?

All the credit for this goes out to oddsareyours on tumblr!