Hunger Games Super Bowl ecard

The Hunger Games Facebook Page decided to add some fun to America’s greatest sporting event, sprinkling in a little dark humor:


If it was The Hunger Games MOVIE, we’d probably put that right up there with the Super Bowl! However, if it was the actual Hunger Games, I think we can safely say watching football — albeit a violent sport — would be far preferable to watching kids kill each other.


Mockingjay Pin is SO 80’s!

This amusing fashion interpretation of the mockingjay pin comes from the snarky, who we’ve featured before and we’re sure will again many times.

“That is the ugliest effing pin I have ever seen.”

Yep, that’s exactly how it went down between Cinna, Katniss, and President Snow!

Break me off a piece of that Kit Katniss Bar

This is really creative, and it makes us really want to get some chocolate. Kit Kat bars were already delicious, but if it comes from Katniss — bonus!

We found the image thanks to, who passed it on from We give major points for cleverness and deliciousness.

Imagine if Katniss had shot THAT through the apple? Would Seneca Crane have been like, “Who ordered this Kit Kat bar, eh? Who ordered this Kit Kat bar?”

P.S. Is THIS the dessert District 12 gets, but Districts 1 and 2 don’t?

Yet Another Hunger Games Meme

We keep posting Hunger Games memes because they’re funny as hell, especially the ones that involve Peeta and bread. Well, here’s another one for you, which comes courtesy of

What’s funny is, that probably would be what the girls of District 12 would say. Peeta may have just found his ticket to becoming a player — not that he wants it!

Hunger Games Reunion

What happens when the people from the 74th Annual Hunger Games meet up for a reunion, where they can chat about the good old days, wax poetic, and reflect nostalgically?

That’s what! That image had us laughing pretty hard, though maybe Caesar Flickerman, Haymitch, and Effie could show up too. Clever picture comes courtesy of

Good Luck on Exams!

All you students taking tests and exams soon, here’s a meme from which ought to give you some comfort!

Now go out and ace those things. Effie implores you!

Your Mom Just Got Reaped

No, we’re not kidding. As shows us, look at what Effie pulled out of the bowl!

We wish your mom the best. If you don’t want to be a dutiful daughter and volunteer in her place (if you’re a son, you can’t), then at least do what you can to get her some sponsors!

Here’s our serious question for you:

Would you bet on your mom to win the Hunger Games?