Hunger Games Cake Balls are … Amazeballs!

Cake balls have become a really popular commodity among Hunger Games fan site people, thanks to some mouth-wateringly delicious Mockingjay cake balls baked by Beth of She brought them to the Capitol Shore party and watched them get devoured by pretty much everyone.

Well, this cake ball thing seems to be getting around. Look at this Jennifer Lawrence GIF created by

And if that wasn’t enough, the people (one of whom is Tiffany, who made that Capitol Shore logo you see above), were apparently attempting to make cake balls themselves. To quote their tweet:

@WtoD12: Making CAKE BALLS! @jhutch1992

Followed by this picture of Tiffany and Denise:

So what is it about cake balls? Maybe Beth (she’s the biggest culprit), Tiffany, Denise, and of course Courtney (bound to have played some devious role in this) can shine some light on the new phenomenon.

Or maybe we should all just have chocolate-covered strawberries instead.


Jennifer Lawrence is Not Too Fat for Katniss

It’s completely ridiculous that we have to address this at all, but some superficial idiots out there from tabloid publications like the New York Times (wait, what?) and other places have questioned whether Jennifer Lawrence was too fat for Katniss. For shame!

Here’s all the more reason to like Jennifer Lawrence, if you haven’t seen this from Seventeen Magazine:

Spotted by

For what it’s worth, I also wrote up a little opinion about this for another publication, which I’ll share below. This comes from a male perspective:

Jennifer Lawrence was the epitome of Katniss Everdeen, from the skin cells on her toes to the mahogany-dyed hair atop her scalp. So warm-hearted, amiable, and down to Earth, she has become as much of a role model for kids to emulate as the character she plays. For people to question her weight is as superficial as the Capitol, and it just goes to show how — like in The Hunger Games — many of the adults who supposedly know best could learn a few lessons from their children.

We live in a world where women are judged in every moment, by their outfits, their smile, their makeup, and of course, their weight. If there’s any message to take from this inspirational film, it’s that you should be happy and comfortable with who YOU are and leave these kinds of trivial judgments elsewhere.

Lawrence looks perfectly fine for the role, and to anyone who wants to call her “too fat” for Katniss, I say in an Effie-like voice, “Manners!”

I’m so proud of the people in this fandom for speaking up about this. And if you needed further proof that Jennifer Lawrence is NOT fat (not that it even matters), remember this image?

That’s our Mockingjay, no matter what she weighs!

There Are Lots of Underdogs, and You Would Root For Them

Seneca Crane: Everyone likes underdogs.

President Snow: I don’t.

This comes in the movie right after Rue’s death and the District 11 rebellion. This is one case where we actually agree with President Snow — he shouldn’t like the underdogs from the outlying districts, because they would look at him like a meal. (See what we did there?)

Well, we especially love these six underdogs: Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, Prim and Mrs. Everdeen. And we imagine President Snow is NOT rooting for them. Good thing all of us are!

Thank for putting this inspiring piece together!

Cato + Glimmer, On Screen and Off

We hate to report gossipy type stuff, and we are certainly no fans of paparazzi tactics. There were some horror stories from the Hunger Games premiere in Los Angeles about overzealous photographers.

However, we do love this Cato-Glimmer storyline, and this video pretty much confirms that something was going on off-screen between Alexander Ludwig and Levin Rambin. And that is pretty cute.

If you hate yourself for watching and smiling during that, join the club. Thanks to for spotting it.

Does this make you want to ship Cato and Glimmer even more? (And if they were involved, what would have happened at the end of the Games?) This is the kind of stuff that will hold us over until Catching Fire. That, and mahogany!

Salute Rue, and a Mockingjay Symbol

This is pretty self-explanatory, but that doesn’t make it any less cool!

This was spotted by our wonderful friends at

SEE HERE for more details on how you can get it!

Why Hunger Games Fans Love Katniss

Two of our top admins are in this! And it’s also wonderfully put together by Alex Berg of The Daily Beast.

Funny stuff. Well done, Alex!

Guess what? Boys like The Hunger Games, too!

As a guy in this fandom, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering why there haven’t been more of my gender to share in the fun. Well, it seems the men are coming! Maybe they didn’t jump on all the fandom stuff pre-movie, but The Hunger Games is reaching a far greater audience than just teenage girls.

As reported in The Hollywood Reporter, by way of Down With the Capitol:

And, unlike Twilight, Hunger Games is luring males, and particularly young boys. Of those turning out on Friday, 39 percent were males, while 61 percent were females.

Hunger Games drew an overall A CinemaScore after those over the age of 25 gave it an A-.

And as Theresa of Down With the Capitol astutely points out:

It certainly won’t be a surprise to fans of the books that the book appeals to more than just teen girls, but it’s nice to see the details in this way.

And what that also means is that The Hunger Games is far more successful than that other movie about love with vampires.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that photo is from the movie The Sandlot! Classic, right?