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Only ONE comes out

Katniss: There’s 24 of us Gale, only one comes out.

Gale: Yeah, and it’s gonna be you!

This Katniss empowering image comes courtesy of kiwi-it.tumblr.com. We’re not allowed to bet, but if we could, we’d bet on Katniss!

Character Images with Quotes Part 3

Remember how we posted you with some “Character images with Quotes” couple of days ago? Well, if you missed them, you can check them out HERE and HERE! They are all beautifully done by the talented behindmylove! So far we’ve seen Cinna, Haymitch, Cato and Effie’s posters. Now it’s Katniss’ turn! Check it out!

A fitting quote for a fitting heroine, right?

Always, Always

Snape’s “Always” is one of the great lines in Harry Potter. In fact, it’s one of the greatest one-word lines in the history of literature. But — as some of you probably know — “Always” also shows up in The Hunger Games.

Thanks to some lovely work from inkstainedmusings.tumblr.com, we can compare them!

Interesting how the word “twilight” manages to get mixed in there too, by total coincidence.

Was it Real, Katniss?

This is one of many pictures in a line of “Was it just a game” illustrations. We liked this one because it captures that frozen moment in time where Katniss is truly acting: Katniss and Peeta are not happy lovers going back to their white picket fences and having babies. That longing, affectionate look is for the Capitol.

Yet still, what if it WAS real? That would have been one sweet moment of truth. Thanks to revolution-lives.tumblr.com for the image!

Ask Effie Trinket, Mahogany

This is great stuff! We stumbled upon ask-effie-trinket.tumblr.com and found this correspondence:

Feel free to ask Effie all kinds of things. And as we alluded to in our first Heffie post, we wouldn’t put it past Haymitch and Effie to do something — on or off a mahogany table. If something like “dinner” were to happen on any table, though, we’d bet Effie would want it to be mahogany.

And can’t you imagine Effie shouting in the throes of “dinner:”


followed by


If Cinna Could Bet on Katniss…

Katniss goes through a number of emotional goodbyes before the Games, beginning with her sister and mother back in District 12. However, the most emotional of all is probably with Cinna below the Arena. There, Cinna wishes her the best in a sad, heartfelt way.

We came across two Cinna-Katniss images that really hit us hard:

That came from fiery-katniss.tumblr.com. You all know the moment and what he says.

Here’s the second one, courtesy of missdeviante.tumblr.com:

That moment, right before Katniss enters the Arena, is the last we see of Cinna in the film. But just because he’s out of sight doesn’t mean he’s not still involved in the story. Imagine the agony he must be suffering, watching Katniss go through such unbelievable pain and hardship. He probably watched every second of the Games, pulling for his self-created “Girl on Fire.” These two images represent both stages of his torturous viewing experience so well.

Cinna Shares Some Wisdom

We’re always grateful to heed advice from someone as wonderful as Cinna (really, is there a bad thing to say about him?), and today he has some inspiring words for you:

You may recall when he says this in Catching Fire:

I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don’t hurt anyone but myself.

Now picture Lenny Kravitz saying it, the same way he says, “I’m here to help you make an im-PRESS-ion.” This will be exciting! Good thing Catching Fire is only like 600 days away.

Image courtesy of thespngames.tumblr.com

Oh, and by the way: If you channel your emotions into fandom, you also never hurt anyone.

Haymitch + Effie = Heffie

With Peeniss and Glato going on with reckless abandon, we turn our attention to a pretty popular ship: Heffie (that’s Haymitch and Effie). This one got some serious legs in the movie, with plenty of sexual tension at some points and “old married couple”-ish behavior in others.

Look at this stunning image from crystalshinigami-kum.deviantart.com. Yeah, that pretty much sums up the nature of Haymitch and Effie.

Best Haymitch-Effie lines:

Haymitch: Loosen up your corset, have a drink.

Haymitch: Nice dress. Not yours (indicating Effie).

Effie: THAT IS MAHOGANY! (of course!)

But perhaps the most telling one isn’t even a funny line. It’s when Effie DOES have a little to drink and seems to loosen up a bit. Do you all remember that? She says, in a kind of seductive voice:

“Oh Hayyymitch…” before he sits down like he’s joining a brunch at the country club.

There’s something going on there. We can sense it. And we love it!

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor iPhone Case

This is pretty cool. In fact, I want to put my phone in this!

That image comes courtesy of neverknewyourname.tumblr.com. We’re not sure we’d recommend shelling out cash for it. This isn’t an advertisement for it — we just like the concept.

However, if you ARE interested in purchasing it, SEE HERE!