Fantastic video from Tennessee: Interview with Francis Lawrence

Hunter Phillips, who was an extra on the first film (he stood two spots behind Peeta during the Reaping scene) has put together a phenomenal video from the special screening in Tennessee on behalf of the Hunger Games Fireside Chat Podcast.

Most notably, go about four minutes in and watch the wonderful interview with Francis Lawrence. What a NICE GUY!

Great job, Hunter!


How much does Katniss’s house in Victor’s Village cost?

It’s a fascinating question for those who love hearing property values and such things. Keep in mind, Victor’s Village mansions are NOT for sale, as the only way to live in one is through winning a Hunger Games (a price far too steep for anyone other than a Career, we would think!). Still, what would a house like this go for on an open market?

The folks at did a pretty complex analysis to figure this out. See this graphic which explains the total:


So there you have it! Just a mere $1,837,080. Who’s got that lying around?

NEW QUIZ! Which District Are You, Presented by Fandango

Working with the fantastic people at Fandango and, we are thrilled to present our latest quiz, which uses a complex formula to figure out what district you truly belong in. Do you belong in District 4 with Finnick or District 12 with Katniss, or maybe you’re even a citizen of the Capitol?


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Rank your favorite Hunger Games characters!

Thanks to the incredible people at, we have access to a very cool Hunger Games list! As you can see below, Katniss leads the pack (no surprise), but Haymitch is in second?? We thought for sure that would be Peeta.

Fortunately, it’s a relatively new list, which means you can make an impact. CLICK HERE to vote and change the rankings!

Catching Fire Billboards in Times Square are AMAZING

Catching Fire is — well — catching fire all over the world right now, with legions of posters springing up on top of cabs, in subways, in cinemas, and so many other places. The most impressive display of all, however, just might be in Times Square:


Click here
to see blown-up version of image.

Really, Lionsgate is pulling out all the stops! As soon as I saw this on the street, I knew I just HAD to take that picture and share it on our site. For frame of reference, zoom in on the photo and compare the billboard size to the buildings behind. Katniss and Peeta are absolutely MASSIVE.

So, What do you think? Do you like what you see?

A Disney Hunger Games!

As spotted by, these are the matchups you might see if Disney characters were all pitted against each other in a Hunger Games:


Obviously, we wouldn’t want to see Belle launching arrows at Aladdin or Ariel against Hercules, but then — why would anyone want to watch the children of the districts kill each other? If you take the gory, sick, violent component out of the equation, it’s a pretty well-crafted graphic!

Carnival Triumph disaster compared to The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games has become a common pop-culture reference, which really shows how the series has worked its way into daily life. Sometimes, however, the connotation is really negative — such as in this case, where the people stranded aboard the Carnival Triumph compared the experience to The Hunger Games:

As the Daily Mail reports:

Squalor: Many of the passengers on board the Carnival Triumph immediately took pictures of the horrible conditions on board once they had charged smartphones and cameras


Passenger Kendall Jenkins, a 24-year-old self-employed property manager from Houston, Texas said conditions on board the ship were ‘like the Hunger Games’ as guests looked out for themselves and hoarded food.

Is this an overreaction, or do you think the conditions were bad enough to merit the comparison?

Personally, we think the person was more referring to the conditions in District 12 than the actual Games, but more to the point: Isn’t this exactly what would happen if people from the Capitol suddenly found themselves in District 12?

It’s not our place to mock their horrible experience. By all accounts, it was absolute hell being stuck on that cruise ship, but we’d still say connecting it with The Hunger Games is a bit much. Do you agree?