Jena Malone Posts Photo from Catching Fire Set

Jena Malone recently posted this behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram!

Jena Malone BTS


Capitol Couture’s Spring Issue: Clues to Date!

Over the past few days Capitol Couture has continued to release hints about the upcoming Spring issue on instagram. See them all below!  Any idea what we might see in the Spring Issue?

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Chins Up

Smiles On

Exquisite Concept

Latest Clue To May 14th

Another day, another clue!  The first page of chapter one of Catching Fire was posted on the Hunger Games Instagram account today, which it makes it the third clue leading up to something on May 14th.

thg instagram 3


The words “There’s no going back…” May 14th were posted under this image.  Have you figured out yet what’s going to happen in two days?  Are you getting closer?

A Second Clue Revealed on The Hunger Games Instagram

Something is going to happen on May 14th according to the official Instagram for The Hunger Games, we don’t know what yet, but our second clue is here!

part 1 the spark

The clue which accompanies this photo is:

“A spark that, left unattended, may grow…”  May 14th

Any idea what this means?

Lionsgate Launches Hunger Games Instagram Account, Teases #TheSpark May 14th

Lionsgate now has an official Instagram account which posted it’s first photo along with some cryptic text today.



Yes, it’s the hard cover, sleeveless copy of Catching Fire!  With this first post to the account came a little tease:

Within these pages…#TheSpark. May 14th.

Any idea what might happen on May 14th?  Let us know what you and think and if you’re on Instagram you might want to follow The Hunger Games to see if more clues are revealed!

First Catching Fire Character Portrait Revealed!

Ever since The Capitol teased us with their new Instagram account that a big surprise was coming on March 4, the fandom has been waiting with baited breath. Boy, was it worth the wait!

Get a look at our first character portrait of none other than Effie Trinkett! Doesn’t she look amazing?!


Photo by capitolcouture • Instagram


The Capitol further teases in a second photo another possible character to be revealed at 3pm PT tagging @Fandango and using the hashtag #ApplausePlease. Who do you think it could be? Our bets are on Caesar Flickerman!


Jena Malone is in Atlanta!

It looks like Jena Malone has joined her Catching Fire cast mates in Atlanta!  She posted this photo of the Atlanta Skyline on her instagram yesterday.

Thanks to HG Girl on Fire for the tip!