Fandango Interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Surprise! Here’s another interview with Catching Fire stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson!


Fantastic video from Tennessee: Interview with Francis Lawrence

Hunter Phillips, who was an extra on the first film (he stood two spots behind Peeta during the Reaping scene) has put together a phenomenal video from the special screening in Tennessee on behalf of the Hunger Games Fireside Chat Podcast.

Most notably, go about four minutes in and watch the wonderful interview with Francis Lawrence. What a NICE GUY!

Great job, Hunter!

The Google+ Hangout for THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Video is Here!

If you missed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Google+ Hangout, you can check it out now below!

Be prepared for lots of laughs!

Sam Claflin Interview with Elle Magazine


Sam Claflin, who will bring Finnick Odair to life, gave an interview with Elle Magazine about auditioning for Finnick, and how he transformed into  “the Finnick the fans needed me to be.”

ELLE: Hello, Sam! Let’s get to it. You’ve said in previous interviews that when you went in for your first Catching Fire audition, you didn’t know what the role was for. How could that be?

Sam Claflin: I was sent over a script and there was no title to what I was reading. It was just two scenes with a character called “Finnick” and a mini-character breakdown. I started reading the scene and saw the name Katniss, and I’d just recently seen The Hunger Games, so I thought, “OK, is this a connection?” But I didn’t know it was a trilogy. I just thought it was a one-time film. So I typed Finnick Odair” into Google an all these book and fan pages came up and I was kind of like, “whoa.” So, I just went through all of it and did as much research as I could the night before.

ELLE: And how did that first casting interview go?

SC: I thought I had a pretty good idea of who the character was, but I was pretty off. I thought he was just kind of a bad guy. And obviously he’s kind of painted in that light in the beginning, so I honed in on the fact that he was mysterious and untrustworthy as much as I could. But thank God Frances [Lawrence] was there for my recall because he directed me in a very different way than I was expecting the second time.

ELLE: How so?

SC: I think the fantastic thing that Suzanne Collins manages to achieve in these books is that every single character, no matter how big or small, goes through such an amazing journey. And as you read through them, you realize that someone like Finnick—whose image suggest he is perfection personified—is very far from that and he has a very dark past. So Frances allowed me the freedom to play with that in my scenes. Finnick is far from perfect. He has pitfalls and also this fantastic complexity. And Catching Fire is just touching the surface of where he goes.

ELLE: Let’s talk about the physical necessities to bring Finnick to life. What was your preparation like for that?

SC: Well, there was a huge initial pressure on my shoulders. Having read all the books and then doing the research and also knowing the other actors the fans hoped would get cast—my first thought when I got the role was: “Oh my god. How the hell am I going to get a six pack so quickly?!” Not to mention he’s tall, blond, tan, green eyes. And I sort of walked in with this stubbly face and very pale English skin, long brown hair, and, to be honest, out of shape. So I’m saying to myself, “this is never going to happen.” But once I was cast, the alarms went off and the trainers were brought in. There were a lot of gym workouts, a lot of stunt training and fighting, hair dying, fake tans, the whole shebang. I was a different man. I’m very happy with the results and can only hope that I achieve a semblance of that perfection that everyone is looking for.

ELLE: What did your fiancé think?

SC: She was very happy! It was like being with some sort of California surfer dude for a while.

ELLE: I was surprised to learn that you read so much of the fan reaction to your casting, because it wasn’t the most positive at first…

SC: Yeah, I think everyone was very shocked. Which I understand because it’s such an important role in the franchise.

ELLE: It just seems like a lot of actors would try to avoid that and instead concentrate on what they can bring to the role. Do you feel it helped you to know what the fans thought?

SC: It helped push me forward and motivate me to work harder. I was reading so many stories about people being unhappy that I got the role—and don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit here Googling myself 24/7—but I think part of me was eager to learn what I needed to do in order to become the Finnick the fans needed me to be. The negative comments made that easier to know what their expectations of me were.

ELLE: Have you seen any early footage of the film?

SC: Just bits and bobs so far.

ELLE: How does it look?

SC: All I can say is that people are going to be blown away. Frances has such an amazing and vivid vision that’s created a whole new depth to a world that’s already basically been created. Add to that the cast: a recent Oscar winner fronting the car; Philip Seymour Hoffman as a new member.

ELLE: A project like this will undoubtedly be career-changing. Have you taken a minute to think about what happens next?

SC: I remember when I did Pirates of the Caribbean and a producer saying to me, “you have no idea what’s about to hit the fan.” But even after a film like that, nothing changed. And I had no expectations about what could or would happen. I just tried to snow myself under with work. I can say the same for Catching Fire. I haven’t really reflected on it. If anything changes, I’ll just take it in stride. For now, I can still walk down the street and quite happily not get noticed.

ELLE: But, you must know that’s going to change.

SC: Well, I’m English. And I don’t have tan skin or blond hair or green eyes. I look nothing like Finnick now. In fact I’ve been rather blessed with roles in my career that really alter my actual look. I’ve never looked the same in any film I’ve done. So when I’m back to just Sam I blend in quite well with the normal people.

ELLE: OK, but if this time you are catapulted to full-on megastardom, is there a page from Jennifer Lawrence’s book you’d take on how to deal with it all?

SC: I’ve never really talked to her about it. But you watch someone like Jen or Josh [Hutcherson] or Woody [Harrelson] and observe how grounded they’ve stayed through it all—I kind of aspire to maintain what they’ve maintained. They haven’t changed who they are or what they believe in. I like to think that’s what will happen to me. Yeah, maybe walking down the street won’t be quite so easy anymore, but, you know, Jen is still very much Jennifer Lawrence. And I still very much want to be Sam Claflin.

Sam is such a sweet guy, and I think we are so lucky to have him as our Finnick! We couldn’t have asked for a better person for the role!

Jena Malone Interview with Vogue

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 4.56.03 PM

Check out this interview from Vogue with Jena Malone as she talks about transforming into District 7 victor, Johanna Mason.

Your role in The Hunger Games sounds physically tough. How did you get ready for the part?
“Luckily, I did [an action] film called Sucker Punch a few years ago, which taught me what I could achieve in a gym. I lifted 235 pounds in preparation for that movie and my whole body transformed. The same stunt team—they’re called 87Eleven—got me in shape for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We focused on martial arts–type training for the role of Johanna, which helped with stamina and endurance. I also did strength training with Patrick Murphy, who is kind of like a body sculptor. I trained five days a week for two months before we started filming, and then I kept it up during the months of shooting.”

What changed the most?
“My posture. And my mood. Sometimes you just need to get sweaty in a gym and feel pain in your body like you’ve never felt before, and then learn how to rise above it. That was important, because the hardest thing about being Johanna was finding a way to carry her energy in my body for sixteen hours a day. She has this anger that is always bubbling at the surface.”

Johanna is rumored to make a striking above-the-neck transformation in the movie, too. Tell us about it.
“If you Google the name Johanna Mason, there are 7,000-plus fan drawings of what she looks like, what people want her to look like, what her parents look like! It was crazy bringing this iconic character to life. I think we were all a little intimidated. For her first look in the Capitol, she is wearing this long black ponytail with red tips that goes down to her waist, and eyelashes that go on forever. Her look is really about her eyes. So it was about finding the wildest fake lashes from Germany or Japan. We only had a few sets of them, and I had to be really careful taking them on and off. It took about two-and-a-half hours to get makeup-ready each day. Later, in the Arena, she’s stripped down, sweaty, and sexy, which took about forty minutes. We spent almost three weeks trying to figure out Johanna’s hair [for those scenes]. We cut it, we put things in it, we cut it again, and we tried a wig. One day, I just got in there with some scissors and I cut it my own hair. I said, ‘Ok, this is what she would have done.’ It was a bit terrifying.”

Read the full article at Vogue. And if you’re an Instagram user, be sure to follow Jena at jenamalone for some beautiful photography!

Video: Jennifer Lawrence Vogue Interview

In this newest video from Vogue, Jennifer talks about her fame from The Hunger Games, and how she even has a slightly similar hearing problem as Katniss!

Liam Hemsworth: Suzanne Collins Wanted More Gale in Movie


Liam Hemsworth was On Air with Ryan Seacrest and he spoke about Katniss and Gale’s relationship, and how Suzanne Collins told him that she loved what he was doing with Gale and wanted more screen time for Gale. We couldn’t agree more, Suzanne! Liam really stole the few minutes of screen time he had! Listen to the interview below, he starts talking about The Hunger Games at around the 5:30 mark.


NEW Peeta Portrait and Interview with Tim Palen, CMO of Lionsgate


Doesn’t Peeta Mellark look just so damn sexy?! Our boy with the bread has certainly become a sex god in Panem. Watch out, Finnick Odair!

This new photo is from a Scribd interview with Tim Palen, the CMO of Lionsgate. He talks about the Catching Fire movie and how Francis Lawrence and his team’s new vision for the franchise.


The launch of the teaser trailer for CATCHING FIRE was a hugely pivotal moment in the ongoing  HUNGER GAMES campaign. Because we have a franchise across four films, each piece is just part of the larger puzzle, and this step was even more crucial because we had such great success on the first film. At the same time we have a new director (Francis Lawrence), a new editor,a new cinematographer and a new costume designer. So I really needed this first glimpse of the second film to work hard to reassure the fan base that the characters they know and love are back and that the integrity we showed with the first movie is still intact. But almost equally important for me was to show that the stakes are higher, the drama will be greater and that CATCHING FIRE will betaking the story of our reluctant hero Katniss Everdeen to a whole other level. I’m grateful that Francis Lawrence has delivered a gigantic movie that has so many rich and amazing pieces for me to play with. He’s really made my job a fun and easy one. Probably the most satisfying thing I saw after the release of the teaser was a fan comment on one of the blogs that posted the trailer. I tend to be overly obsessive about  reading and monitoring real fan reaction to the materials. This one comment did the most to reassure me that we had hit the mark with the new teaser trailer: “Sh**’s getting real.” It doesn’t get better than that.
Francis Lawrence has been getting rave reviews across the board from cast and crew. And from what we’ve seen from the trailers and promotional photos, I firmly believe that the franchise is in good hands!

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence Talk About the “Great Parties” They Had While Filming Catching Fire in Hawaii

People Magazine recently caught up with Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence where they talk about the fun that was had while filming in Hawaii, which include Woody Harrelson in a crop top!


We had a few great parties in Hawaii,” Hutcherson said on the red carpet at the Catching Fire event at Comic Con. “We were filming some stuff down there … and I had a house there. It was right on the beach, and we got to have all the cast come over and we just had giant swimming pool, barbecue parties and that was a lot of fun. It was a hard shoot. We were shooting long days and it was very physical, so we definitely needed to let loose and have a good time and we did that for sure.”

Lawrence agreed and shared her favorite party memory of costar Woody Harrelson, who plays Katniss and Peeta’s mentor Haymitch.

“Yeah, we had some good parties. They were so weird,” Lawrence said. “Woody Harrelson in a cropped top was my favorite. He got really hot and wanted to borrow a shirt of mine because he wore a thermal and the only thing he could fit in was a baggy crop top. And the best part is nobody mentioned it! The whole party, like nobody said anything. They’re just like, ‘Yeah, Woody’s in a crop top.’ That was great.”


VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson Interview at Comic Con

Josh talks about how Peeta has changed and his relationship with Katniss, how the movie is very true to the book, and special effects.