Who else would get this epic tattoo?

The movie comes on DVD in the USA in 23 days!!!!!!!!!!


Good Luck on Exams!

All you students taking tests and exams soon, here’s a meme from skiernje93.tumblr.com which ought to give you some comfort!

Now go out and ace those things. Effie implores you!

Hunger Games heels!

We’ve seen a number of sneakers and slippers with Hunger Games designs on them, but we haven’t seen too many high heels. Well feast your eyes on these beauties!  We think these would complement that little black dress exceptionally well!

Source: jennalovegood.tumblr.com

More character images with quotes

Yesterday we showed you some great images with some of the best quotes from The Hunger Games trilogy by tumblr user behindmylove, which you can see HERE.  Well today we bring you some more!  These colorful and striking images each gives a well-known quote by the character.  Cinna, Haymitch, Cato and Effie are all showcased here.  Cato’s is probably the least quoted of the group, “go on shoot and then we both go down and you win” but definitely the most chilling.  Occurring at such an intense moment atop of the Cornucopia, Cato’s words are cold and true.  The reality of just how dire that moment is is made very clear and we know just how easy Peeta could die right there.  Thank goodness he had the sense to the mark that ‘x’ on Cato’s hand!

Against All The Odds

This poster is definitely worth taking a peek at.  How great of a tagline is “Against All The Odds” for Catching Fire? It fits so perfectly with the film and is a great follow up to “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor”.  Twenty four living victors re-entering the arena is in fact against all the odds.  That was an unprecedented move and certainly not something anyone expected.  This poster is perfect, tagline and all!

This is the brilliant work of sahinduezguen on DeviantArt

Source: theemptyvictorsvillage.tumblr.com

Look here! Some more Hunger Games shoes!

Fans of the Hunger Games are really getting creative in the way that they are decorating their shoes.  Look at what burnbright3erthanthe3sun on tumblr did with some Toms!

Stunning fan made Hunger Games movie poster

Look what we found on Fanpop.com! This fan created movie poster uses multiple elements we’ve seen in the marketing of the film such as the mockingjay pin set aflame and the Capitol Seal, symbols of rebellion and the cruel government of Panem.  However, the image of Katniss and Peeta here, both placid (yet aware), add some heart to this collage, which is a beautiful and accurate depiction of the story.  How awesome is this!!??