More Memes with the Queen!

So these memes with the Queen of England are going crazy all over the internet! Since there are so many in existence now, it’s no surprise there are a few Hunger Games related ones.  We’ve shared one with you already, but we spotted a few more so here you go!

The Queen’s Effie Trinket impersonation

The Queen made an appearance at the Olympic Opening Ceremony which spawned a whole new batch of memes.  This one is our favorite, for obvious reasons 🙂

Thanks to Hypable for the tip!


Being in The Hunger Games meme

Check out this awesome Hunger Games meme, I think this is something we can all relate to.  Well, something we could all relate to assuming we were in The Hunger Games, which we are not.  And luckily never will be!

Thanks to our very own Sam Cushion for this!

Gale Watches The Hunger Games

This Gale is way more feistier than movie Gale, don’t you think?  Movie Gale looked pretty sad through out, this fan created one isn’t about to sit around and mope!!!  Let’s just hope he didn’t break Madge’s heart.

Is this how you imagined Gale reacted to watching the cave scene?

Credit for this goes out to Julvett on DeviantArt

Districts 1-12 Memes by Ru3ful

Can you guess what each districts stands for just by looking at these wonderful memes created by Ru3ful? Remember, no cheating!







Tell us how many of them you got right in the comments below!

Lots of Hunger Games pics from different places

One of my favorite pics ever.

this is the guy a want to play Finnick

Hunger Games on ragestache

Scan through ragestache and you might find some of these.

Effie Meme!

For all you Effie lovers, here’s a splash of pink for you! Who cares if she’s from the Capitol? She looks FABULOUS! And like a DIVA!

Credit goes to mockingjayinthearena!

Hope is the Only Thing Stronger than Fear – Snow

Gary Ross will be greatly missed! Not only did he stuck close to the source material of the book for The Hunger Games, but he also added scenes respecting the integrity of the book. One such scene was the conversation between President Snow and Seneca Crane in the Rose Garden. Do you remember that line about hope that Snow mentions? It’s one of the best lines in the movie! Don’t you think?

Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. 

The blood and the white rose are both used to symbolize Snow. Credit goes to wheezering!

“It’s Us Against The Capitol” – Catching Fire Poster

Hey, hey Tributes! The 74th Annual Hunger games are over. And we have two new Victors among us. But, are you ready for Catching Fire? Fans have been keeping busy, and counting down the days till November 22, 2013 by coming up with creative memes and posters! Here’s another great one, check it out!

In case you don’t know, on the left side of the poster is Finnick Odair (Garettt Hedlund) with his trident! What do you think? The Capitol logo looks cool, and we’re definitely LOVING the green/grey contrast. Simply beautiful! Credit goes to mockingfire!