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Not Now Guys! – Katniss

Here’s another super duper CUTE fan art of Katniss and the men in her life! Credit goes to wolfchise!

The Cure to a Spear in Your Head!

We all know that when you’ve got a spear in your head, there’s not much we can do about it. UNTIL NOW!

Thanks for the tip Caesar! We’ll be sure to stock up on Tylenol just in case Cato or the other tributes send a flying spear in our way! (Note: This is a gif from SNL video we posted earlier) Credit goes to cuatroquesos!

“Hunger Games Cupcakes” by Death by Cupcake!

Guys, here are some very sweet cupcakes made by death by cupcake to lighten and sweeten up your mood in case you’ve been feeling down lately (*cough cough, Gary Ross*). As we wait for more news on whether Gary Ross is returning for Catching Fire or not, might as well enjoy some cupcakes!

So what if we can’t have them, we can at least look at them longingly and drool over them!