Robert Knepper to Play Antonius in Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2

Mockingjay casting news has resumed!  In what came as a surprise to some of us, Lionsgate announced that Prison Break actor Robert Knepper would be taking on the role of Antonius in both Mockingjay films.


Now WHO is Antonius, you might ask?  Early on there was a lot of speculation that he was Dr. Aurelius; however The Wrap is reporting that Antonius is actually President Snow’s Minister.  We’re still not exactly sure what that means, but if we find out more we’ll let you know!


Poll: Will Delly Cartwright Be in the Mockingjay Films?

So Mockingjay casting is in full swing, and with characters who fans are struggling to remember being cast — therefore confirmed for the films — the fate of Delly Cartwright is still unknown.  While I had accepted that she would go the way of Madge Undersee, I’m starting to wonder if maybe she will get cast.  Since there are TWO films it does seem as though they can make room for her.  Not to mention, just about everyone remembers Delly, right?  Lyme, Homes, and some of the other characters have slipped the minds of many, but they have been cast.  So what I want to know is do you think Delly Cartwright will be in the Mockingjay films?  Personally, I REALLY hope she is!

Kim and Misty Ormiston Cast as Leeg 1 & Leeg 2

Twin models, Kim and Misty Ormiston, have been cast as Star Squad 451 members, Leeg 1 & Leeg 2 in the Mockingjay films.  Any thoughts on who will be cast next?

leeg 1 and leeg 2

Omid Abtahi Cast as Homes in Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2

We have another member of Star Squad 451 cast for Mockingjay!  Omid Abtahi has landed the role of Homes, one of the oldest members of the squad.  Don’t remember him?  Check out his page on The Hunger Games Wiki!


Castor and Pollux Cast in Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2

Mockingjay casting news Monday!  And not only did we get one new addition, we got two! Brothers and cameramen, Castor and Pollux, will be played by actors Wes Chatham and Elden Henson.  They could easily pass as brothers, don’t you think?



Mahershala Ali Cast as Boggs in Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2

Happy Friday, Tributes! Today we got some big Mockingjay casting news that we’ve been waiting a while for!  Actor Mahershala Ali has been tapped to play Boggs in both films!  You may recognize Ali from TV shows such as House of Cards and The 4400, and films The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Predators. Let us know what you think about this casting choice.


Tony Award Winner, Patina Miller, Cast as Paylor in Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2

More Mockingjay casting news today! Lionsgate announced that Broadway actress, and Tony Award winner, Patina Miller has been cast as Commander Paylor!

patina miller