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Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the  theatrical release of The Hunger Games, and in honor of this special day is hosting a movie night with two screenings of the film!  The sessions will take place at 7PM GMT (London) and 7PM EST (New York).  Visit for complete details on how to join in!




‘Catching Fire’ Cornucopia on Google Maps

UPDATE: This image has been removed upon request.

This was probably one of the coolest things we had seen all year!  Thanks to and twitter user @starfishtony for pointing out what was a really ingenious thing!

Luxury Editions of The Hunger Games Trilogy Available in Australia/New Zealand

These new luxury editions of each book in The Hunger Games trilogy are available just in time for the holiday season!  Frankly, I think these are gorgeous and I desperately want them!  They are currently on sale in Australia at $24.99 (Australian dollars) which isn’t horrible – however if you don’t live in Australia/New Zealand shipping will cost you $15.95 for international air mail.  You can purchase your very own at ABC Shop.

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Help MainStay Productions Name Their New ‘Hunger Games’ Short

MainStay Productions are getting ready to shoot a new Hunger Games short film (written by Shylah Adante from Down With The Capitol) which focuses on young Katniss being taught to hunt by her father and they need your help coming up with a title for it!  The film will star Bailee Johnson as young Katniss and filming will commence as soon as the snow begins to fall.   You can pass you ideas onto them through their Facebook Page.

Bailee Johnson


‘Catching Fire’ Cast at Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Premiere

Some of the cast members of Catching Fire attended the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s TOTEM this past Friday and have shared some really great photos from the event.  Isn’t it great to see how awesome these guys get along?  And seriously, could Lynn Cohen be any more adorable?!


More photos available after the cut and the complete lot of them can be found at Zimbio!

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Jena Malone Joins Twitter

Jena Malone has just recently joined Twitter,  YAY!  Her twitter handle is @MaloneJena so you can all go follow her  now!  Welcome to Twitter, Jena!

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New Capitol Vehical Photo

Another image of those interesting looking Capitol vehicals has emerged online, it is below the cut if you would like to have a look.  Thanks to for alerting us to this!

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The Hunger Games Fandom Makes List of Most Devoted Fan Bases

Vulture  recently compiled a list and ranked the top 25 most devoted fan bases and The Hunger Games Fandom makes an impressive appearance at the number 7 spot!

Hunger Games
POPULARITY: Suzanne Colllins’s book trilogy is Amazon’s best-selling series of all time, while the 2012 film counterpart had the fifth-biggest opening weekend in history ($152.5 million domestic) and became the thirteenth-biggest-grossing domestic movie of all time ($408 million). Has inspired countless tie-ins (a cookbook, a sports club workout, a $999 Mockingjay pin).




MAIN HANGOUTS:, Hunger Games Tumblrs

AVERAGE DEMOGRAPHIC: Female, teen, or teen at heart. Thanks to better writing and kid-on-kid violence, the franchise attracts a wider following than its vampire counterpart, Twilight, but the core audience is still young women.

DEVOTIONAL PROFILE: Mere hours after Jennifer Lawrence was cast as the big-screen Katniss in 2011, the forums were rumbling: She’s not skinny enough! She’s too fair-skinned! Her hair is (gasp) blonde! The immediate outrage over Lawrence — a 20-year-old Oscar nominee and an obviously talented actress — was about fidelity; Collins’s books enthralled young readers (and the elders who read along with them) because of their precise, horrifying detail. So cue the ever-vigilant Hunger Games fan Tumblr, which monitors casting notices and opines daily about which actors meet the exacting specifications of the source material for the upcoming sequels. They post set photos and analyze costume and makeup decisions. They speculate endlessly about which minor characters will or will not make it into the movie.

And though it is young adults (read: teen girls) who participate most enthusiastically in this online behavior, the Hunger Games phenomenon has overtaken their elders, too. It is hard to find a parent without an opinion on the franchise’s violence or a twentysomething female without an opinion on Gale versus Peeta. Most crucially, it is near-impossible to meet anyone who has not seen the movie: The widespread book-to-movie obsession resulted in an astounding opening and toppled all previous Twilight records. Should there be any doubt about continued interest, just consult the fan sites, where a never-ending war rages on about the physical embodiment of Finnick Odair and whether Sam Claflin is fit to play him. (Spoiler alert: He is probably not. But a record number of moviegoers will buy tickets to find out.)

You can check out all 25 fan bases by clicking here.

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Jennifer Lawrence is the new face of Dior

Beginning spring/summer 2013 the incomparable Jennifer Lawrence will be the new face of Dior’s bag campaign, see details below!

Dior has a brand new muse and she just happens to be one of our favorite young actresses: Jennifer Lawrence.

So what exactly does being the face of the fashion house mean for Lawrence? She’ll front the spring/summer 2013 Miss Dior bag campaign (Mila Kunis and Marion Cotillard have starred in previous seasons’ ads), which you will spot in magazines starting next March.

“It’s such a dream to represent an iconic brand that is synonymous with high fashion,” the actress said in a statement. “I’m so excited to be working with the fashion house and wear the new creations by Raf Simons.” (Simons was named the creative director of Dior in April, after serving as the designer behind Jil Sander.)
Not only will you see Lawrence in Dior in the pages of magazines, but you can also expect to see the Hunger Games star wearing quite a bit of Dior on the red carpet this awards season. Not that donning Dior dresses will be such a change of pace for the actress; recently (perhaps in anticipation of the announcement?), she’s been selecting the label for a number of appearances.

Just last month, she wore a gothic-glam tie-dye couture dress from Simons’s debut collection. And previously she slipped into two ready-to-wear dresses by the designer including a tiered navy mini at the Toronto Film Festival in August, and a floral orange number at the label’s couture show in Paris this summer.

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Hunger Games Wig Raffle

If you want a Hunger Games replica wig and a chance to help out a good cause this is for you!  A Massachusetts salon, Maxime, is holding a charity raffle and you could win a pretty snazzy wig!  All proceeds go to Learn Live Love, a cancer outreach organization.  See details below.


Cherry Petenbrink generously donated a wig she created to replicate those used in the Hunger Games film to Maxime Salon to be raffled off for Learn Live Love, a cancer outreach organization local to Massachusetts. We will be selling raffle tickets for $10 from now until October 30. Each client can purchase up to 10 raffle tickets. All proceeds will be donated to Learn Live Love to offer financial assistance to women and families affected by cancer. It’s a fun way to contribute to a great cause (and just in time for Halloween!)

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