Close-Ups of Latest CATCHING FIRE Poster

Here are close-ups of Katniss from the Catching Fire cliff poster.








New Catching Fire Poster Revealed!

The Hunger Games released a new poster via Instagram this morning featuring our girl on fire, Katniss Everdeen.


What a gorgeous poster! You can pre-order this poster by going here, only 2500 are available!

Catching Fire Poster by The Manila Institute

Here’s a pretty awesome Catching Fire movie poster by The Manila Institute on tumblr.  We recommend you check her out here, she’s doing some pretty great stuff!

The Manila Institute

‘Hunger Games’ Japanese movie poster

Wow! Check out the awesome poster being used to promote The Hunger Games in Japan for its September 28th release!

This combines many elements from the various movie posters and stills we’ve already seen and is just so beautiful.  I really love this one a lot, I only wish I knew what it said!

Thank you to DWTC for the tip!

Jacob Dimaio’s ‘Catching Fire’ poster

With only 548 day left until Catching Fire hits theaters (yeah, we know, that’s a long time away), we wanted to give you some fan art to help pass the time!  This fan made poster is the work of Jacob Dimaio who submitted it to HG Girl On Fire.

I really find it interesting (and effective) that this was done in blue, as most fan art for The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are in red.  The blue on black definitely make this a visually striking poster!

Source:  HG Girl on Fire

Awesome fan made ‘The Hunger Games’ poster

We’ve been sharing many fan made Catching Fire posters with you, so to change it up a bit here’s one for The Hunger Games.  Just because we are no longer anticipating the film (we’ve ALL watched it, right?), doesn’t mean we should neglect sharing great fan art for it with you!

 This one incorporates many elements from the film such as the three-fingered-salute, Katniss being escorted by the Peacekeepers and the woods in the background which could represent both the forbidden area outside the seam or the Arena.  I especially love how the three-fingered salute dominates the poster. And with Katniss in the foreground it looks like that salute is definitely meant for her.

This great poster comes to us from!

Catching Fire wedding poster

One more Catching Fire fan made movie poster for you!  This time we bring you a wedding themed one, complete with blood splattered white roses!

This poster, made by the great asheathes on tumblr, communicates the tone of the impending wedding brilliantly.  Not the happiest day of her life to say the least.  It’s made extra ominous by those flowers, really creepy and beautiful all at the same time, they pack a punch!