Read Mockingjay with THIS nail polish

There are so many talented, artistic people in this fandom, it’s almost hard to believe. And so many of these talented people express their creativity in such unique ways.

Case in point:, who decorated her nails spectacularly as she read Mockingjay. See here:


Don’t you wish you could do that? What a way to read!

Catching Fire Billboards in Times Square are AMAZING

Catching Fire is — well — catching fire all over the world right now, with legions of posters springing up on top of cabs, in subways, in cinemas, and so many other places. The most impressive display of all, however, just might be in Times Square:


Click here
to see blown-up version of image.

Really, Lionsgate is pulling out all the stops! As soon as I saw this on the street, I knew I just HAD to take that picture and share it on our site. For frame of reference, zoom in on the photo and compare the billboard size to the buildings behind. Katniss and Peeta are absolutely MASSIVE.

So, What do you think? Do you like what you see?

Maria Howell and Woody Harrelson on Catching Fire Set

Maria Howell who plays District 11 tribute Seeder in Catching Fire, next to Woody Harrelson who plays Haymitch.

Source: Maria Howell Facebook Via: Mockingjay.Net

Jena Malone is in Atlanta!

It looks like Jena Malone has joined her Catching Fire cast mates in Atlanta!  She posted this photo of the Atlanta Skyline on her instagram yesterday.

Thanks to HG Girl on Fire for the tip!

How would you describe The Hunger Games in a sentence?

Now that The Hunger Games is out on Blu-ray and DVD, it’s also On-Demand at hotels and through cable providers. Of course, we were so excited to find it available on TV, but what really struck us was how some unknown person summed up the movie in a one-sentence blurb. See here:

Here’s the blurb, spelled out for you:

Katniss volunteers for the Hunger Games and must rely upon her instincts to survive when she is pitted against other Tributes and her friends.

Do you think that’s an accurate description of the movie? What would YOUR sentence be to make it better? Share your sentences in the comments below!

Signs The Hunger Games is out on DVD

When the first movie posters started coming out last winter, we made a habit of posting as many as we could. Well, when you pass by a Blockbuster Express machine and see this, you know, “Yes, it really is on DVD!”

Happy Hunger Games! We can now watch at home, as many times as we want to, and it feels fantastic!

Where’s Cato’s Knife?

Oh wait … there it is!

Picture from

Cinna Bites

Who says Cinna doesn’t live in our world? Apparently, Cinna does more than just design fire-wielding suits and innovative dresses; now he’s making desserts, too!

This was spotted at a Duane Reade pharmacy store in New York City. The question we’re wondering: Is THIS the dessert Effie was saying District 12 gets that Districts 1 and 2 don’t?

The Capitol Train Station is like a Fancy Airport

First, take a look at this stunning shot of the Capitol train station, which looks all futuristic and cool (courtesy of

Doesn’t that give off a little bit of the same vibe as this shot from ABC’s TV show Pan Am?

Yes, the scenes are very different, but the Capitol is really just a futuristic version of our own transit stations. Instead of Pan Am uniforms, they match in Capitol outfits. It still feels sleek and metropolitan, with high-end customers shuffling from place to place.

And for a real change of pace, how do those two images resonate with this shot of the Gare Montparnasse in Hugo?

All I know is, I’d love to visit all three of these places. If only there was a train to get there…

Hunger Games meets Ever After…except not

The Hunger Games and Ever After have very little to do with each other. Neither do these two pictures from each of the films, other than that they contrast each other in a pretty humorous way:

Exhibit A: The Hunger Games

Exhibit B: Ever After

Are love and hate really so different? Imagine if the meanings of each picture were reversed … (somehow, we don’t think there are too many Snatniss shippers here!)