Hunger Games Fan Art by Tribute Design

Feeling the need for some Hunger Games fan art?  If so, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these great pieces by Tribute Design!




Art by ~TributeDesign


New Capitol Couture Picture Revealed!

Attention Panem Citizens! It looks like something is afoot over at! The Capitol has just revealed this new picture teasing the revamped site.

Capitol Couture

What do you think the passcode could be? Suggestions in the comments below!

Source: The Capitol

UPDATE! By tracing the movements on a touch screen device you will reveal more! This is the screen you get!


Lavinia and Darius

We figured you wouldn’t mind if we shared another one of Nikola-Nickart’s stunning pieces with you, so here you go!  This time we bring you his depiction of Lavinia and Darius, who I don’t believe we see enough of in fan art.

Here are some spoilers, so stop reading now if you haven’t read the books (unless you want to be spoiled)!


during the quarter quell, lavinia was once again katniss and peeta’s avox, this time alongside former peacekeeper darius, old friend of katniss. in mockingjay, it was revealed by peeta that the capitol had tortured darius and lavinia to death during interrogation. since the avoxes were unable to speak or answer questions, peeta believed they were tortured simply so he could be forced to watch. they were tortured using the method of electrical shock and lavinia died immediately, more quickly than darius because they used too much voltage when shocking her and her heart stopped immediately.


The Capitol

Check out this powerful edit!   The words in the foreground of the seal  sum up the Capitol exceptionally well, right?  And I think the colors really help convey the true nature of  it, especially the red which to me mimics blood.  The Capitol is not good.  Not good at all.

This was found on nearlyheadlessfinnick.tumblr .com

Official Map of Panem: The Capitol and a few districts’ locations finally revealed!

For those of you who have been playing The Hunger Games Adventures tirelessly in your search of the District Seals, your hard work has paid off!  We now know the location of The Capitol, and Districts 2, 11, and 12, see here!

Even though we only have four locations at the moment, I think we might be able to figure out what some of the other ones are now.  I could be wrong, but does anyone else think District 4 is directly to the left of District 11?  I always figured it was there, and it does have a long coast line, perfect for the fishing industry.  District 12 looks like it’s on the coast as well, which is not how I imagined it, but I guess it makes sense considering there probably wouldn’t be anything to the east of it.

So, what do you think?  Is this what you imagined it would look like?  Let us know!

Source: My Hunger Games

Life before and after The Hunger Games

Do you find yourself thinking like this after The Hunger Games!? I don’t believe a cornucopia will conjure images of Thanksgiving for me ever again!

Source: Fanpop

They’re Not the Enemy

This has been a huge point of contention in Hunger Games circles: Are the Careers evil, and is it wrong to celebrate their deaths? On the one hand, they are out to kill Katniss (and seem to take pleasure in doing so), but at the same time, is it their fault when they’ve been raised and brainwashed to think this way?

In this creative illustration from, the message seems to be in favor of it not being their fault. By re-creating an image that looks somewhat like the four Careers in training, yet using the actors’ photos instead of their characters, the artist helps us identify more with these District 1 and 2 tributes as real people.

What do you think: Should we blame them or the Capitol, or some combination of the two?