Read Mockingjay with THIS nail polish

There are so many talented, artistic people in this fandom, it’s almost hard to believe. And so many of these talented people express their creativity in such unique ways.

Case in point:, who decorated her nails spectacularly as she read Mockingjay. See here:


Don’t you wish you could do that? What a way to read!


Poor Gale gets left out

For those who really like Gale — and really, anyone with a heart — doesn’t it seem like Gale really gets the shaft? Well, as passed on from, that extends to nicknames as well. Have a look:


Can’t someone get the poor guy a nickname? He’s lost out bad enough, really.

Move in with Peeta for $35

If you’re wondering what it costs to bring Peeta — Catching Fire version — home with you, well, take a look at this picture from


Not that we would want to objectify Peeta or anything, but he’s right there waiting for you at the local store! Who wants him?

A Disney Hunger Games!

As spotted by, these are the matchups you might see if Disney characters were all pitted against each other in a Hunger Games:


Obviously, we wouldn’t want to see Belle launching arrows at Aladdin or Ariel against Hercules, but then — why would anyone want to watch the children of the districts kill each other? If you take the gory, sick, violent component out of the equation, it’s a pretty well-crafted graphic!

‘Catching Fire’ Quotes

Here’s an photo set with some memorable quotes from Catching Fire. Let’s hope a number of these make it into the film, especially “Stay with me” which MUST be included!  What is your favorite quote from the trilogy?  Tell us in the comments section below!

Catching fire quotes

Catching Fire Poster by The Manila Institute

Here’s a pretty awesome Catching Fire movie poster by The Manila Institute on tumblr.  We recommend you check her out here, she’s doing some pretty great stuff!

The Manila Institute

Hunger Games: Hope by Verlisaerys

Here’s another great piece of Katniss-Peeta fan art we stumbled upon.  I love that not only are they standing in a field of dandelions but Katniss is also holding a bunch that rests on Peeta’s shoulder as they embrace.  Sweet, right?

Art by Verlisaerys