Fandango Interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

Surprise! Here’s another interview with Catching Fire stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson!



Fantastic video from Tennessee: Interview with Francis Lawrence

Hunter Phillips, who was an extra on the first film (he stood two spots behind Peeta during the Reaping scene) has put together a phenomenal video from the special screening in Tennessee on behalf of the Hunger Games Fireside Chat Podcast.

Most notably, go about four minutes in and watch the wonderful interview with Francis Lawrence. What a NICE GUY!

Great job, Hunter!

The Google+ Hangout for THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Video is Here!

If you missed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Google+ Hangout, you can check it out now below!

Be prepared for lots of laughs!

Video: Jennifer Lawrence Vogue Interview

In this newest video from Vogue, Jennifer talks about her fame from The Hunger Games, and how she even has a slightly similar hearing problem as Katniss!

Video: Bite Club’s Gamemaker’s Pig and Katniss Lamb Stew Recipe

Check out Bite Club’s book-to-real life recipe video inspired by the food Katniss encounters in the Capitol. Of course if you read the books you would know that Katniss’ favorite dish is the lamb stew with plums. And we all remember the infamous scene where she shows the gamemakers who’s boss by shooting the apple out of the roast pig’s mouth. But I still have one question, WHO ORDERED THIS PIG?!

VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson Interview at Comic Con

Josh talks about how Peeta has changed and his relationship with Katniss, how the movie is very true to the book, and special effects.

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence Talks Catching Fire at Comic Con

Jennifer talks about Katniss’ relationship with Peeta and how the internet loves her more than anything. Another funny one by Jennifer. 🙂