Bad Lip Reading “The Hunger Games”

The folks over at BadLipReading on YouTube have finally done their take on The Hunger Games. This is absolutely HILARIOUS!!


Thanks to Down With The Capitol for the tip!


Video: Jennifer Lawrence Interview

Jennifer Lawrence talks to Anne Thompson from Thompson on Hollywood in which she discuss The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, and some of her other movie projects. 

She talks a lot about The Hunger Games, Katniss, and differences between working with Gary Ross and Francis Lawrence in the second video.


Thanks to The Hob!

Video: Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Interview

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper talk to about filming Silver Linings Playbook together, as well as upcoming film Serena. Plus, there’s also a bit about Catching Fire at the end. Bradley sings high praise for his co-star, Jennifer.

Whenever she has to play somebody that gets angry or emotional, it’s so powerful.


Hunger Games Rap Review

There are a ton of Hunger Games reviews out there, most of them in print, but there are plenty on YouTube, too. We’ve watched many of them, but now we’ve stumbled across THIS!

Well done, Brandon and Sam! Apparently, they are going to try and turn this into a weekly thing, and we can only hope the odds turn out to be ever in their favor!

What do you think?

Birdy – Just A Game (Official Video)

We proudly present to you the official music video for Birdy’s Just A Game from The Hunger Games soundtrack!  Enjoy!

Spending My Nights with Katniss Everdeen

Have you guys seen Jesse Cale’s Hunger Games song Spending My Nights with Katniss Everdeen?  I just discovered it today and think it’s worth checking out.

You can check out more of his videos on his YouTube channel TheOfficialMcSwagger.

Taylor Swift’s “Eyes Open” – Official Lyric Video

The official lyric version of Taylor Swift’s Eyes Open which is in the official Hunger Games Soundtrack  has been released today in her official Vevo on youtube! Please note that this is not an official music video nor does it have anything to do with snippets from the Hunger Games movie itself. This video used stop motion animation to show the lyrics for the entire song! It’s quite adorable and a pretty genius idea!

What do you think? Super cute, right? We’re also guessing that it must have taken them a LONG time to put together this video. Let us know what you think in the comments!